Friday, December 08, 2006

Blowing Bubbles

Our reading group, Sarah, Lilli. Lucy, Carl. Cameron and Luke, read an article on how to blow bubbles. Sarah brought some cooking oil and dish washing liquid. Mrs Lines found some wire and straws in the cupboard. Lilli was pretending to be a cook mixing up the mixture. We had of lots of gooey fun blowing bubbles in the wind. Justin took these photos of us.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Justin At Orana Park

On Saturday after we were at Christchurch we all went to Orana Park. We saw wild dogs, sheep, calves,kiwis, chickens, roosters, donkeys and goats. I got to pat two sheep and two calves with Dad. Scott was too scared. I went on a flying fox. Scott and I went on a tractor when Jarrad was getting his face painted. Then Mum took Jarrad on the tractor. Dad took a photo of the giraffe,tiger,zebra,lion and spider monkeys too and a photo of me with the lion. When the lions got fed with the truck one jumped onto the top of the trucks cage. Two lions fought over one bit of meat. I tripped up on a tree stump and I landed straight on my tummy. Scott and I went into the kiwi place. It was spookey and dark. I was scared about the dark because I don't like dark.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sophie tells a story

Room 4's podcast page

Give it a listen!

The Fox.

Enjoy! -- room4brightwater

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flat Thomas Visits Daina’s Hous

Last Monday I took Flat Thomas home with me. He played Connect Four and he won five times. Then we were hungry so we had a carrot. Flat Thomas had a wobbly tooth like me.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Spellathon Prizewinners

Room 4 children won 2 of the three prizes for Spellathon.

Craig won the prize for collecting the most money.

Leigh won a prize for having 23 sponsors.

To date $4300 has been collected.

Well done and thank you to our sponsors.
We also learnt how to spell lots of new words.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Skye's Flat Stanley Goes to Takaka With Caleb

In the weekend I took Skye's Flat Stanley home. We went to Takaka. We all went to Guy Fox. It was a wee while until it started. It was fun because I had to dodge all of the flames that were flying at me. Catilin was playing with her friends that she has over there. Only Nana went white baiting because she puts the makers out and she came from her house in the morning. Grandad and I went scalloping. The first time Catilin said she wanted to come but when we got halfway Catilin was crying. Flat Stanley loved it so did I. We had to go back and drop her off then we had to go back again.Skye's Flat Stanley and I measured the scallops and we dropped them in a bucket. We went in the Campervan with FS. On the way back we had chips and boiled eggs. We had icecream for pudding too. On the way back I was asleep just about the whole time. I rang Mum up and FS told Mum he was having a good time there. FS was sick on the way back. We knew because he told us so we stopped the Camper van. I was a wee bit sick too. Mum didn't come because she needs to do work at the hospital.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Buy A Calendar

Last Monday we made our calendars with Mrs Edwards. These can be ordered at the school office for $10.00. Last day for orders is Friday 17 November. A great Christmas present for Grandmas and Grandads.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flat Skye Goes Home With Connor

Flat Skye came to my house after school last Monday. When I got home we played with my lego. Flat Skye went in my Dad's lego truck. The car crashed. Flat Skye had to go to hospital. The ambulance came to stitch up Flat Skye. After I played with my lego I played with my construction site set.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Holiday with Todd

Flat Stanley and Quade and I went to Christchurch for Labour Weekend. We stayed at Bella Vista. There was a spa pool but we didn't go in the spa poo because we had to pay to get in the spa pool. On Monday we went to our cousins house. We played on the trampoline. We played cricket. I played on the bikes around the big yard. Then we went baek to the motel. When we got back I had a little sleep with Flat Stanley and Quade. They slept longer than me.

Skye's Flat Stanley Goes To Totoranui

Skye's Flat Stanley and I went to Totoranui after school on Friday with my family. On the way we had fish and chips for tea. When we had toasted marshmallows we got ready for bed. Joe and I slept in the little tent. It was dark when Joe came into our tent. We got our head lights to read in our sleeping bags. The next day we went to the next beach. On the way I got a special leaf. The leaf was special because you could write on it. I was the only one who got some. My sister and my brother were annoying me so I told my Mum. Then we arrived the beach. Joe climbed up the big rock. We took a photo of Joe on the rock, then we walked up the litte rocks. Tom and Joe found a great big crab. It was red and orange, it was as big as Keri's hands if she put her hands together. Then we had to put the big crab into a big rock pool. We saw it moving to a rock. We found a litte cave. We went through it. We had to go back to the camp. We had noodles for lunch. Then we went to the beach across the road. Joe and I could go to the beach when we wanted to. We found two whole buckets full of crabs, then it was time to go back to the tent for tea. We had fish burgers. I liked them a lot. We had a drink of juice.

The next day Adrienne said "We're going back to our house." We were sad that we were going home. After breakfast we went to the beach. We spent most of the day at the river. We dug up some of the sand. It was fun when we went to the next beach. We went even more further than last time we went there. When it was time to go back down the path, when we were close to the end, we let Joe run back to the tent to bring in the washing because it was raining. We drew in our special camping books. When Mum and Dad started to pack up the tents it was raining really hard. We waited in the truck until we were ready to go.

We had lots of wet stuff when we got home. We had to put the tents up to dry.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Have Fun With Flynn

When I took Flat Stanley and Quade home I played in the pool. Flat Stanley was sitting on the pool step. He didn't want to get wet. I made a chocolate cake with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley and I watched Kangaroo Jack. Flat Stanley and I had a good time on the trampoline. I taught Flat Stanley how to do flips and back flips. Flat Stanley tried to do a flip and he did it very well. Flat Stanley and I wrote some stories. Flat Stanley's story was about him. FS and I were drawing landscapes with my paint set .We painted them on my easel.

Lilli and Joey's Flat Stanley

When I had Joey's Flat Stanley from Canada the first thing I did was take him for a walk and pick some flowers and put them in a vase and put them in my room and then he had a sleep. When he woke up he played with his paper doll and played hide and seek. He was in, and I was the hider. He met my little sister Edie and we went into the garden and planted some plants in my backyard.
By Lilli

Taylah Takes Skye's Flat Stanley Home

When I had Skye's Flat Stanley from Florida the first thing I did was put him on the dog and he got a ride then I made him a car out of a big plastic box and showed Mum. She laughed. FS liked his car. He met my two rabbits. He played with them for a little while and then went to bed with my clown. He met my cat Kaz. I was going to take him to the yard but he would get too dirty.
By Taylah

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Skye's Flat Stanley Visits the Wagners House

Last night Skye's Flat Stanley from Florida visited the Wagners house. We drew a picture together and then we played can't let the ball stop. We had jelly after school but FS didn't like it. We had cheese pasta bake for tea and FS liked it. He got ice cream after tea and we made a bed for FS in my room.In the morning I saw FS sleeping on the ground. In the morning we played another game of can't let the ball stop. Then we went to school in the car.
By Sarah

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Educate Me - Sand and Seaweed

Flat Stanley 4 Leaves For Florida

This morning my Flat Stanley left for his visit to Holiday, a place in Florida in USA. Hannah's mother took him to Books n More to get a stamp and then put him in the post box. I wonder how long it will take for him to get there. I hope he has lots of fun adventures with the children. I will read about them in his diary when he returns to New Zealand. By Caleb

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hail At School Today

Today after lunch it hailed. We went outside and we put our hands up and we put our tongues out too. We ran around, then Room three came out to have fun in the hail too.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

On Friday afternoon Steve from Educate Me talked to the junior syndicate about the sea. He had lots of things for us to look at and people got to go up and model the food chain. Mrs Lines was the crab. Sarah was a fish. Justin was an octopus. Caleb was a shark and Taylah was the human at the end of the food chain.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Flat Stanley Three

We got Flat Stanley Three ready for his trip to Florida. We put him in an envelope with his diary. We hope to find out lots about all the fun things that happen on his trip when he returns.

Flat Stanley Two

We got Flat Stanley Two ready for his trip to Canada. We put him in an envelope with his diary. We hope to find out lots about all the fun things that happen on his trip when he returns.We also wrote some questions about what we wanted to find out about school life in Canada.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Visit Christchurch

In the first week of the holidays my family and I drove to Christchurch with Flat Stanley and Quade. While we were in Christchurch Flat Stanley and I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast and we cooked crumpets too. Nice breakfastst thet Flat Stanley cooked. We went to the swimming pool. We played mini golf in Christchurch and in Hanmer on the way home. When we were in Hanmer we went on some buggies and got very muddy. We had to wash ourselves in the cold creek. When we got home I made Flat Stanley a bed in a cardboard box and he slept for a day and a night. He was so tired.
By Justin

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bon Voyage Flat Stanley One

We got Flat Stanley One ready for his trip to Queensland. We put him in an envelope with his diary. We hope to find out lots about all the fun things that happen on his trip when he returns.

Flat Stanley From Queensland

We were all really excited this morning to receive our first Flat Stanley from overseas. This one came fron Queensland in Australia.

Tree Planting

Today we got to plant the trees around the hall. These Room 4 people are going to watch their trees as they grow.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flat People

Mrs Lines found a Flat Stanley website when she was playing on her computer. She put her name in and we have had three schools email us to ask us if we would like to host a Flat Stanley and send one to them. We emailed back we would love to.

We have been busy making flat people for the last two days. We are going to send one to Scotland, one to Canada and one to Australia. Next term we are going to choose some other countries to send our Flat people to, to have adventures.

Farewell Flat Julia

We are sending Flat Julia back to Julia at St Pauls. We have really enjoyed having her visit us and going on adventures.
Thank you Julia for sending her to us.

Rally Cars

This morning we were visited by three rally cars and their drivers. The drivers talked to us and then we all got to look at the cars. We all got posters and a booklet with all the rally cars in it.

Wheelie Wheelie Fun Day

Today we were allowed to bring things with wheels for our class treat. We were really pleased when the sun came out and the rain stopped.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flat Julia Visits Delany's

Flat Julia came to my house last night. We made pancakes with her. She watched Mum flip the pan with the pancakes. I gave Flat Julia some pancakes with golden syrup. She thought they were delicious. She slept on top of my TV.
By Caleb

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Holiday in Christchurch

Flat Julia came with me to Christchurch.She did not get carsick. She watched DVD's on the way.

On Friday we went to the mall and went to Pumpkin Patch. I got some new jeans and a new white cardigan. After we had been to The Palms Edie had a sleep. Jade and I made a card for Dad.

Jade took Edie and I to the park. Flat Julia came too. We went on the swings with Flat Julia.

On Father's Day we went out for lunch at our Nana's. Our cousins came too. We played houses. Nana has a little pond and we skipped over the square rocks.

On the way home on Sunday afternoon Edie and Flat Julia had a sleep. It had been a busy weekend.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Flat Julia Goes To Christchurch

Flat Julia has been left at school for the last few days resting up on the shelf. We have had a lot of sick children and been busy with the school production.

Flat Julia has gone home with Lilli tonight and will be going to Christchurch for a fun weekend.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Flat Julia 's Weekend with Caitlin

Flat Julia and I read a book and we went down the flying fox. We made another flat Julia and it was called Flat Caitlin and Flat Julia slept on my couch and I put a blanket on her and I showed her to Shutz and Ann. When we had tea she stayed on the couch in the kitchen. She was going to sleep in my bed but I forgot to put her in my bed.
By Caitlin
When I had Flat Julia I read a book to her called Boyz Rule. She liked it lots. She slept in my pillow case so she wouldn't get cold and I made my own Flat Taylah and my brothers made one too called Flat Cassidy and Flat Harlyn. I dont know where my brothers are and I don't know where Cassidy and Harlyns slept. They probably slept on the table. I played with her lots.
By Taylah

Friday, August 18, 2006

Flat Julia Goes Home With Rosie

Flat Julia went on the swing with me. Charli barked at us. Flat Julia watched Sponge Bob with me and I think Henry watched Sponge Bob too. Flat Julia slept with me in my bed. In the morning Flat Julia had toast like me and Charli. Kim and Henry had Weetbix. Flat Julia got dressed in my bedroom. Grant and Flat Julia and I went to the shop to get some ice cream. Flat Julia helped me do my homework.When we had finished my homework Flat Julia and I helped Kim do some school stuff. Flat Julia and I did not go on the computerr to send a letter to Tara but I hope Mum will let me today.
By Rosie

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flat Julia Visits The Wagners

Last night Flat Julia had a visit at the Wagner house. We got up to lots of different stuff. We watched Sponge Bob Square Pants together with Flat Sarah. When we were watching Sponge Bob Square Pants Flat Julia laughed and Flat Sarah laughed. They laughed because the snail pooed on Sqidword.When we had tea Flat Julia said "I love this tea it is scrumptious." We ate all of our tea so we got to have an icecream. Flat Julia slept on my duchess.
By Sarah

Flat Julia's Weekend at Wakefield

In the weekend Flat Julia came to my house. We were going to go and see Katie because she is going to have a baby but we didn't.

Flat Julia slept in my bed. When we got into bed we read some books. On one of the books there was a girl holding a fake world. On the world it said "It's a girls world."
By Lilli

Friday, August 11, 2006

Lucy is still away sick. Her brother couldn't find Flat Julia to bring her back to school. Luckily Lucy's Dad found Flat Julia and bought her back just before playtime.
She is going home with Lilli for a fun weekend.

Happy Birthday Julia

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flat Julia is having a little holiday at Lucy's house. Lucy has been away sick for two days so we hope Flat Julia is not sick as well. I wonder what she is up to.

Flat Sarah and Flat Leigh

When Flat Julia was at my house. Sarah and I made Flat Leighs and Flat Sarahs. We had lots of fun making flat people. We took some photos on the trampoline. It was fun bouncing on the tramp, then it was time for Sarah to go home.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Flat Julia's Fantastic Weekend

When Julia came to my house we made a chocolate cake. When my friend Sarah was at my house we had fun making the cake. Then Sarah and I went on the trampoline and took a photo with flat Julia.

We took her to Karen's house to see her wedding dress,shoes and jacket. They were pretty. Keri tried some of the shoes that Karen was wearing to the wedding in Ireland.

On Saturday I took Julia to soccer. I took some photos of her on the soccer net.

Flat Julia slept on the shelf in my bedroom.

By Leigh

Friday, August 04, 2006

Flat Julia Goes Home With Sophie

I was the lucky one chosen to take Flat Julia home for her very first night in Brightwater. We played on the computer on the Barbie site. We had fish and chips together and today she is going to stay at someone elses house. I wonder whose. We had lots of fun together. I'm sure she had fun too.
By Sophie.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Adventures of Flat Julia

Today Flat Julia arrived at Brightwater School. She was delivered in a large flat envelope by the post lady. She came from St Pauls School in Richmond, Nelson. She is wearing her school uniform. She was run over by a bike. We hope she enjoys her adventures at Brightwater School.
Visit our blog daily to see what Flat Julia has been up to.

By Leigh and Sarah

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well Done Justin

Justin was one of the first children in our room to go on line at and compete with the Australians. He did very well going into first place in the Matheletics Hall of fame for most of the day.
All the children have their own username and password so they can go on line at home or at school.The actual Trans Tasman Competition for Years 1-3 takes place on Monday 24 July.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Worm Farm

On Thursday Sarah Langi came to show us her worm farm. It had four layers. After she told us all about the worms and showed us all the layers of the worm farm we had to go in groups of six. We got given a pottle of worms. We looked at the worms then we put one on a plastic lid and shone a torch through it. We could see through the worm.
Worms eat paper, food scraps and green garden waste. They also need to be kept moist. Inside an avocado skin there were lots of worms.
Don't hold worms in your hand for long because their skin will burn.
Written by Justin and Hunter

Friday, June 23, 2006

Doug The Digger

This morning we went to the hall and Mr Mac talked to us about how he came to write a book about Doug the Digger.Lilli and Justin got to help read some of the book. He told us to do our best at school. We all went outside and listened to some safety rules and then we all got to have a turn on Doug the Digger. We had to use three hand controls to pick up a tennis ball from in some gravel and tip it into a tin. Thank you Mr Mac.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recycling Cans

On Monday 19 June Murray Harris came to show the Junior Syndicate how he makes model planes out of drink cans. One of the planes took 14 cans to make. He sells the planes at the Flea Market on a Saturday. He gets to meet and talk to a whole lot of people from all around the world. He needs lots of cans so has people who collect them for him. When he gets them he has to wash them in soapy water. Because the cans are made from aluminium the planes will never rust and will last for many years.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Visit To The Recycle Centre

On Monday the whole Junior Syndicate went to the Recycling Centre at Tahuna in two buses. We got out of the bus and followed Mr Taylor into the Recycle Centre. We stood behind the bales of newspaper then we squatted down in front of Room 2 children and watched the big machine squash lots and lots of plastic milk bottles into a big bale. The green bottles and brown bottles and coke bottles are all squashed into different bales. Newspaper and glossy paper are in different bales. A big truck arrived with lots of cardboard. It tipped it out and a big forklift picked it up and put it into the big machine to get squashed. The forklift put a bale of cardboard on the scales and then the man told the children to get on the scales. It took 58 children to weigh the same as the bale of cardboard. The bales get put in big containers and then the containers go on a truck to the port. They get put on a boat and go to China where they are made into new products. The man said that there is still lots and lots of stuff that goes to the landfill that should be recycled.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sophie On Holiday

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Leigh At The Auction

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Connor Visits The Farm

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Breakfast With Hamish Carter

On Thursday Mum dropped me off at the hall. We lined up quietly. Some people had a sash. Then we started to walk to school. Half of the way, Hamish Carter arrived and then he walked the rest of the way to school. After we got to school we had our breakfast. For breakfast I had weetbix and rice bubbles. After the breakfast we had a class photo with Hamish Carter.
When we were about to go home we got a colouring book and some honey puffs.
By Leigh

We won the Walk To School Breakfast. Hamish said we are the best school in New Zealand. We had breakfast with him too. I had rice bubbles. We got spot prizes. Three people in our classroom got one. Cameron got a camera and a bag.Daniel got just a t-shirt. I got nothing and Hannah got a t-shirt the same as Daniel.
By Caleb

The bus dropped us down at the hall. We walked with Hamish Carter. We sung the National Anthem. he gave me his autograph.
By Codey

We won walk to school day so Hamish Carter walked to school with us. When we got to school we put our bags on our hooks. We sat on the mat before we went to the library. We had breakfast with the sports star. There were some lucky prizes and Hamish Carter drew the people. There were some drinks. There were some raspberry rice bubbles. I didn't like them. It was great with Hamish Carter.
By Sarah