Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Visit To The Recycle Centre

On Monday the whole Junior Syndicate went to the Recycling Centre at Tahuna in two buses. We got out of the bus and followed Mr Taylor into the Recycle Centre. We stood behind the bales of newspaper then we squatted down in front of Room 2 children and watched the big machine squash lots and lots of plastic milk bottles into a big bale. The green bottles and brown bottles and coke bottles are all squashed into different bales. Newspaper and glossy paper are in different bales. A big truck arrived with lots of cardboard. It tipped it out and a big forklift picked it up and put it into the big machine to get squashed. The forklift put a bale of cardboard on the scales and then the man told the children to get on the scales. It took 58 children to weigh the same as the bale of cardboard. The bales get put in big containers and then the containers go on a truck to the port. They get put on a boat and go to China where they are made into new products. The man said that there is still lots and lots of stuff that goes to the landfill that should be recycled.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sophie On Holiday

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Leigh At The Auction

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Connor Visits The Farm

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Breakfast With Hamish Carter

On Thursday Mum dropped me off at the hall. We lined up quietly. Some people had a sash. Then we started to walk to school. Half of the way, Hamish Carter arrived and then he walked the rest of the way to school. After we got to school we had our breakfast. For breakfast I had weetbix and rice bubbles. After the breakfast we had a class photo with Hamish Carter.
When we were about to go home we got a colouring book and some honey puffs.
By Leigh

We won the Walk To School Breakfast. Hamish said we are the best school in New Zealand. We had breakfast with him too. I had rice bubbles. We got spot prizes. Three people in our classroom got one. Cameron got a camera and a bag.Daniel got just a t-shirt. I got nothing and Hannah got a t-shirt the same as Daniel.
By Caleb

The bus dropped us down at the hall. We walked with Hamish Carter. We sung the National Anthem. he gave me his autograph.
By Codey

We won walk to school day so Hamish Carter walked to school with us. When we got to school we put our bags on our hooks. We sat on the mat before we went to the library. We had breakfast with the sports star. There were some lucky prizes and Hamish Carter drew the people. There were some drinks. There were some raspberry rice bubbles. I didn't like them. It was great with Hamish Carter.
By Sarah