Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the weekend my tooth came out and I was brave. It was so tiny. I almost lost it. Mum helped me look for it and Dad helped me look and we found it under the cupboard. Mum gave me a tissue and I wrapped the tooth in it and I showed it to Dad. When it was my bedtime I put it under my pillow. In the morning my tooth was gone and there was five dollars there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last night I made a puppet and the hair comes off a lot and the hair is green and the eyes can come off too.
By Brayden
Photo By Hayley

Monday, February 26, 2007

In the weekend we went to Tracey and Alistar and Nicola's place. He has a two wheeler. It is a 250 and it is a motorbike. Alistar did a doughnut and a wheelie and we went down the bank and we went up the bank. We did a wheelie then my Dad went on it. My Dad fell off the motorbike but he was all right then he jumped back on the motorbike. My Dad did a wheelie up the bank but he nearly fell off the motorbike. He has a motorbike track. My Dad went on the motorbike track. My Dad did a jump on the motorbike. Alistar took me on the motorbike.

Monday, February 19, 2007

In the weekend I went to the Flat Track. When I was riding my motorbike there was a bump and I didn't notice it was there. I fell off my motorbike, but jumped back on.
By Sebastian

Yesterday I went to McDonalds with Mum in the car. I had a cheeseburger and chips. I got a yellow alien.
By Oliver
Photo taken by Abbey

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Clayton made this puppet with his Mum out of felt. He used a hot glue gun to put on the eyes and the mouth. His Mum sewed on the buttons.

What a Great Class

We have had a great start to the year. We have been writing fantastic stories about the exciting things we have done in the holidays. We have been drawing pictures using lots of colour and careful colouring. We have been bringing our togs every day. We made a graph to show when our birthdays are. We made another graph to show how many people in our families. Mrs Lines wrote all the names on so we will be able to spell them when we write about them in our stories. We really like having our very own desks and we are trying to keep them tidy.
We are going to put some of our stories on this blog so keep watching and leave us a comment.