Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the weekend my tooth came out and I was brave. It was so tiny. I almost lost it. Mum helped me look for it and Dad helped me look and we found it under the cupboard. Mum gave me a tissue and I wrapped the tooth in it and I showed it to Dad. When it was my bedtime I put it under my pillow. In the morning my tooth was gone and there was five dollars there.


Mrs. Knee from NH, USA said...

Hello Jasmin,
I loved your story. You were very brave about your tooth. Do you have a new one growing in yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmin
What a strange place to find a tooth Jasmin!
Wow, five dollars, what a generous tooth fairy!
Is that the first tooth that has come out for you?

Mrs G

carolyn mckenzie said...

Hi Jasmin
this is nana in Saudi Arabia. I hope you have got a new shiny tooth for me to see when I come home in May for your birthday. I can't wait to see you...I am sure we will have fun together.