Friday, December 08, 2006

Blowing Bubbles

Our reading group, Sarah, Lilli. Lucy, Carl. Cameron and Luke, read an article on how to blow bubbles. Sarah brought some cooking oil and dish washing liquid. Mrs Lines found some wire and straws in the cupboard. Lilli was pretending to be a cook mixing up the mixture. We had of lots of gooey fun blowing bubbles in the wind. Justin took these photos of us.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Justin At Orana Park

On Saturday after we were at Christchurch we all went to Orana Park. We saw wild dogs, sheep, calves,kiwis, chickens, roosters, donkeys and goats. I got to pat two sheep and two calves with Dad. Scott was too scared. I went on a flying fox. Scott and I went on a tractor when Jarrad was getting his face painted. Then Mum took Jarrad on the tractor. Dad took a photo of the giraffe,tiger,zebra,lion and spider monkeys too and a photo of me with the lion. When the lions got fed with the truck one jumped onto the top of the trucks cage. Two lions fought over one bit of meat. I tripped up on a tree stump and I landed straight on my tummy. Scott and I went into the kiwi place. It was spookey and dark. I was scared about the dark because I don't like dark.