Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pet and Flower Show Day

This morning we all brought flowers to school to make our entries for the flower show. We also brought iced biscuits, fudge, pikelets or scones for the cooking section. Our entries all look fantastic in the hall.

Worm Farm

This morning we put our worms into our worm farm. First we put in the cardboard from the packaging then we put in the coconut fibre we had already soaked. We tipped the worms on top and left the lid off so the worms would go down and settle in.
Mrs Lines, Annabel and Peta went to Farmer Bob's house to get the worms last night. He got them out of a bath tub.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brass Band

This morning the Lake Rotoiti Brass Band came to give a performance in the Brightwater School hall. They played lots of tunes and Nick Sharpe told us about the different instruments. At the end Cade got chosen to go up and play with the band. He had a set of bells and was very good at keeping the beat.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Olly In Hospital

On Friday Olly went to hospital for an operation on his leg. We made a little book for him on Friday afternoon. Mrs Lines and Annabel took it in to him on Saturday afternoon. While they were there Clayton and Josh arrived for a visit with Rebecca and Shanee. Olly's Mum put him in his wheelchair and we all got to have a turn pushing him around the children's ward.
Olly came home from hospital on Sunday night. He will have his leg in plaster for a few weeks. We are going to email Olly and talk to him on Skype. We might even send him some text messages.
Olly we miss you.
Hope you are able to come back to school real soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wheelie Wheelie Fun Day

On Thursday it was Wheelie Wheelie Fun Day because It was Olly's last day before he went to hospital. People could bring bikes or scooters. People with bikes did a cross country and rode around the cones. People with scooters rode around cones. By Annabel

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kate's Worm Farm

One day Kate Cobb came and visited Brightwater School to show us some stuff about worm farms. Every day Kate gives them a treat. Kate gives them dog hair and wet egg cartons and wet paper bags.
By Aleisha

Room 4 Visits The brook Sanctuary

On Tuesday Room 4 went to the Brook Sanctuary and we travelled up in our cars. When we got out I saw a bird nest in the roof. When we got inside we saw a map. Then we went to look at a fence. It had a hat and a skirt. The skirt was so the animals couldn’t dig under the ground and the hat was so mice, cats and other pests couldn’t climb over the hat and they would slip off.
On the walk we had to look for blue ribbons and boxes. We went across two bridges and Shine chose people to give leaves to. We needed the leaf to get their names and next time we go there will be a swing bridge. When we got back we had to match the leaves and put them on the poster and book but Kate and I couldn’t because we had flowers. Then we had lunch and Josh and I were sitting over the edge and so was Clayton.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jordan's Weekend

In the weekend we stayed at home. We went on the tramp. We went on the fort.
We went to the circus. I saw a girl who had 20 hula hoops. I saw a gorilla. People were jumping through fire.
We went to McDonalds for tea. I saw Mrs Lines. Then we went home because it was 8 o'clock.