Friday, December 19, 2008

Room 4

In the holidays Room 4 is going to be refurbished. There will be new wallboard and new curtains. Look for pictures of it when it is finished towards the end of January.

Merry Christmas

On the final day of school we had a class party. We had the food out on the deck of the library.
We would like to wish all the readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Quinney's Bush

On Saturday Mum, Dad, Ollie and I went to stay at Quinney's Bush in our camper van. I went on the red merry go round. I met two kids and their names were Caleb and Jack. Caleb is 10 and Jack is 6. I went in the river. It was really stony. I saw a really high dam in the river. I always sleep in the front of the camper van.

My Birthday.

On Saturday it was my birthday and I got a barbie with a little fairy from Kate. I got a swirly sun catcher, it has two butterflies with a disco ball. I got it from Tui. I got a blue top from Mrs Lines. After we opened the presents we had some cake. The cake was a chocolate and fudge with strawberries.


On Friday Mum and I went to the hospital to get my plaster changed. The nurse put a needle into my hand. It touched my veins. They put it close to my veins because they put medicine in to my hand to put me to sleep. They put magic cream on your hand so you can't feel it. I got a steel cap over my big toe. I can slide on my butt . I can go to the toilet by myself. Now I can still play war but I am a wounded soldier.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome Back Olly

Olly is back at school today. He does his work on a clipboard on his knee. He is very good at driving his wheelchair.

Happy Birthday Mrs Lines

On Sunday Annabel and Clayton made a birthday cake for Mrs Lines. Annabel and Clayton put marshmallow and pineapple lumps and m and m's with a butterfly and star candles on it. We all had a piece for morning tea.

Discovery Time

On Friday at Discovery Time Annabel, Clayton, Jack, and I played a game of Monopoly Junior. The first game I won. When you went past go you got two dollars. Clayton was winning the game most of the time. Mrs Lines was the banker. Then I had another game with different people. Josh won because he ended up with the most money.
By Aleisha

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pet and Flower Show Day

This morning we all brought flowers to school to make our entries for the flower show. We also brought iced biscuits, fudge, pikelets or scones for the cooking section. Our entries all look fantastic in the hall.

Worm Farm

This morning we put our worms into our worm farm. First we put in the cardboard from the packaging then we put in the coconut fibre we had already soaked. We tipped the worms on top and left the lid off so the worms would go down and settle in.
Mrs Lines, Annabel and Peta went to Farmer Bob's house to get the worms last night. He got them out of a bath tub.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brass Band

This morning the Lake Rotoiti Brass Band came to give a performance in the Brightwater School hall. They played lots of tunes and Nick Sharpe told us about the different instruments. At the end Cade got chosen to go up and play with the band. He had a set of bells and was very good at keeping the beat.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Olly In Hospital

On Friday Olly went to hospital for an operation on his leg. We made a little book for him on Friday afternoon. Mrs Lines and Annabel took it in to him on Saturday afternoon. While they were there Clayton and Josh arrived for a visit with Rebecca and Shanee. Olly's Mum put him in his wheelchair and we all got to have a turn pushing him around the children's ward.
Olly came home from hospital on Sunday night. He will have his leg in plaster for a few weeks. We are going to email Olly and talk to him on Skype. We might even send him some text messages.
Olly we miss you.
Hope you are able to come back to school real soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wheelie Wheelie Fun Day

On Thursday it was Wheelie Wheelie Fun Day because It was Olly's last day before he went to hospital. People could bring bikes or scooters. People with bikes did a cross country and rode around the cones. People with scooters rode around cones. By Annabel

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kate's Worm Farm

One day Kate Cobb came and visited Brightwater School to show us some stuff about worm farms. Every day Kate gives them a treat. Kate gives them dog hair and wet egg cartons and wet paper bags.
By Aleisha

Room 4 Visits The brook Sanctuary

On Tuesday Room 4 went to the Brook Sanctuary and we travelled up in our cars. When we got out I saw a bird nest in the roof. When we got inside we saw a map. Then we went to look at a fence. It had a hat and a skirt. The skirt was so the animals couldn’t dig under the ground and the hat was so mice, cats and other pests couldn’t climb over the hat and they would slip off.
On the walk we had to look for blue ribbons and boxes. We went across two bridges and Shine chose people to give leaves to. We needed the leaf to get their names and next time we go there will be a swing bridge. When we got back we had to match the leaves and put them on the poster and book but Kate and I couldn’t because we had flowers. Then we had lunch and Josh and I were sitting over the edge and so was Clayton.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jordan's Weekend

In the weekend we stayed at home. We went on the tramp. We went on the fort.
We went to the circus. I saw a girl who had 20 hula hoops. I saw a gorilla. People were jumping through fire.
We went to McDonalds for tea. I saw Mrs Lines. Then we went home because it was 8 o'clock.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Marshmallow Sandwiches

Today at Discovery Time all the reading groups made some marshmallow sandwiches. If you want to make some you will need a plate, a microwave oven, a packet of marshmallows and a packet of chocolate biscuits.
1.Get one biscuit
2.Put it on a plate with the chocolate facing up.
3.Get one marshmallow.
4. Put the marshmallow on the top of the biscuit.
5. Get another chocolate biscuit.
6. Make sure the chocolate is facing down.
7.Put it on top of the marshmallow.
8.Put the plate with the sandwich in the microwave oven.
9. Cook on medium high for 10 seconds.
10. Carefully take the plate out of the microwave.
11 WAIT for a couple of minutes before you eat it because food cooked in a microwave keeps cooking after you take it out.
Writing and Photo by Aleisha

Dot Meharry

We were reading an article about the author Dot Meharry in a Junior Journal. Another group were reading The Gardener's Maze and another group were reading an article on making a marshmallow sandwich written by Dot Meharry. We had to find three facts about the author and then Mrs Lines set up the data projector and Inspiration for us to record the facts. Annabel and Liam went to the library to see what Dot Meharry books they could find. They only found two that were not out on loan.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This week we have been busy drawing clowns to put on our calendars.

Room 4's Shop.

On Tuesday Room 4 got a cash register and it works. We play with it. Annabel and Clayton and the class are making a shop. We get heaps of customers. Heaps of people buy books at our shop. In our shop we have eggs, sauce, crackers, chicken soup and chocolate.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kadin's Baby Brother

This morning when Kadin came to school he brought his brand new baby brother with him. Brock Aaron Seyb was born on 10 October 2008. Kadin has been having lots of cuddles and rocks his baby brother when his Mum is in the shower.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

In the weekend it was my brother's birthday. We went to Faulkners Bush. Luke went on the flying fox and Josh went on it too. He hurt himself. Then we had some cake. The next day we went fishing with the Kelly's. It was rough and we saw an army boat. When we went back we saw another huge army boat with a gun on it, and then I patted a baby seal. We went home.

Oliver's Birthday

In eight more days it is my birthday. Clayton, Josh, Caleb ,Jesse and Jordan are coming to my birthday at my house. I am going to put balloons outside my gate so they know where my house is. I am going to have a chocolate cake. There might be a piniata. We are going to play hide in go seek and we are going to have chips. There is going to be coke and fizzy to drink. There might be a bouncy castle and you have to dress up as a pirate. We are going to play pin the tail on the donkey and we are going to play sneak up Jack. I am going to be Jack and we will have turns riding Spike, my dog. I am going to be a cowboy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dance Show

On Saturday we went to the studio for a party. We had food and drinks and we had muffins and we had water and juice. After that we went to Taniesha's. We watched Mary Kate and Ashley. My Mum did my hair. Then we went to the School of Music and we were the first ones there. I got my Woodenheart clothes on. I kept on throwing my food on the ground. I coloured in my fairy book. Then Peta came in. Mum talked to her about how good I am. Then Sophie and Sara came. Sophie lifted me up as high as she could. The first dance was Woodenheart. After the show we got McDonalds . I got a toy it was a star wars toy. Mum got a burger and a drink.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Opening of Pool Facilities

Most of Room 4 came to school in fancy dress today. The theme was anything to do with water as we were celebrating the opening of the new pool facilities. There are new changing sheds, new sun shades, a bigger shed for the pump and chemicals and a new PE shed where the old boys changing room was.

Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn!

Today we got to make popcorn because one of the reading groups read the book called Pop! Pop! Pop! We [ut green herb stock and butter on the popcorn. It was yummy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Rahania

This morning we got a new girl in Room4 her name is Rahania. She came from Tapawera School. She has also been to Greymouth Main School. Sha has a brother in Room 7 called Tane. We hope she has fun in our room.
Photo and writing by Aleisha.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bedroom Environment

Our big question is How we can improve our environment and make it last?
We have looked at our classroom environment and today we looked at our bedroom environments with our buddies. These are some of the ideas we came up with.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Under 7's Tournament

On Saturday the whole team went to Green Meadows in Stoke. We played five games. We had to vs Nelson and won. Then we went back to the tents for a quick drink and something to eat. We had another game to play against Waimea. It took five minutes until the buzzer went. We all had one minute at half time. Then we went back on and won. We went back to the tents. Nearly all of us needed to go to the toilet. When we got back to the tents every body was at the next game. We played Murchison. It was muddy so Keith had to draw a circle with his shoe in the mud. Keith got angry because he had mud on his shoe. Then it was half time and we went back to the game. Clayton got a try. When we went back to the tent everybody had a drink of water and Powerade. Then we went to the fourth game and we played Stoke. We beat them. When the game was finished Stoke were sweating like pigs. Then we went back to the tents. Nearly everybody needed to go to the toilet again. When we got out of the toilets everybody was down at the toilets. We had the last game. Glen said if we win this game we will take the whole team to McDonalds. We were sweating like pigs. We won all of the games because of the ref. Wanderer's Gold was way up in the front and we were way at the back. Wanderers Golds tag fell off and the ref said it was a rip and that was their last rip. We won ten ,nine. The adults were jumping up and down. Then we went to McDonalds. At McDonalds everybody had a happy meal . Everybody got a toy. After that everybody had an ice cream. Abby got no ice cream because she gave it to me. Then the adults went to the supermarket to get some alcohol to drink.
Written by Caleb and Clayton
In the picture the Room 4 boys are holding the trophy they won.

Father's Day

On Sunday when Amelia my sister and I woke up I got her to come into my room. I gave Amelia a present to give to Dad with her card. I got the other present out of under my bed. We went into Mum and Dad 's room. We gave Dad his present. The presents were a back rubber, an electric tool, four beer glasses and some slippers. He was one happy Dad.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Banana Smoothies

At Discovery time today we were making some yummy yummy Banana Smoothies .
Here is the recipe for 2 people.

1 1/2 cups of milk
2 scoops of vanilla icecream
1 cup of chopped bananas
1/2 cup of ice-cubes
2 tablespoons honey

1. Put all ingredients in blender.
2.Blend together until smooth.
3. Pour into tall glasses to serve.

They were delicious.
By Aleisha

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Goodbye Jasmin

Yesterday Jasmin brought us some yummy cupcakes. Her Mum had iced them beautifully. Some of them had a big butterfly on the top. Today we said goodbye and gave her the card we had made. After play she is flying to Wellington then to Sydney with her Mum and Jacob. Her Dad is going to meet them in Sydney and drive them North to Newcastle.
We will miss you Jasmin.

Friday, August 29, 2008


After Play this morning a large truck arrived with a digger on the back. The digger is here to dig up the concrete at the entrance to the pool area.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Makos Game

On Saturday l went to the Makos game in Blenheim with my Mum and Dad and my sister. Hawkes Bay won the game. It was 41-6. I had tea in Blenheim. For tea I had a meatlovers pizza. On my pizza I had cheese and meat.I visited my friend called Dylan and played games on the playstation.

Jasmin's Leaving

On 4th September I am leaving to go to Australia to live. I will miss Brightwater School and I will miss all my friends too. I am moving to Port Stevens it is near Sydney and a few other towns in Australia. We are getting a rental house. A rental house is when you live in somebody elses house but its not yours so you have to pay to live there. You are not allowed to have pets in a rental so Nanny is going to take care of Moses but we will get him back when we buy a house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Listen to Josh and Olly


This week for Maths we have been practising our basic facts on the Mathletics website. We can do this until the 25th of August. We have our user names and passwords in our spelling notebooks.
Mathletics Website

Can Tabs and Blankets

On Friday the Trows came to the whole school assembly because they came to pick up the can tabs and blankets. The can tabs are going to the Lions Club to raise money for Kidney Kids. The two blankets are for two poor kids in Moldova. Room 4 made one of the blankets. Liam and Annabel presented the blanket Room 4 made. Jack and Harriet presented the blanket from Miss King. Clayton and Jacob presented the can tabs.
By Aleisha

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blankets For Moldova

We now have 2 blankets to send to Moldova. Our friend Miss King brought one in yesterday that she found all sealed up in a bag when she cleaned out her mother's garage. It has 108 squares and is very heavy. Thank you Miss King.

Mrs Brooks has finished our peggy square blanket and even made a label to say who it is from. Thank you Mrs Brooks. Thank you to all the knitters from Arrowtown all the way up to Auckland. Our blanket has 63 squares.

Kids In Space Dancers

Room 4 has 8 girls and three boys dancing in our school production. Can you see them in these photos?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Production Day

Tonight is a special night because tonight is production night. Our production is called Kids In Space. The chorus have to sing but the dancer's don't have to sing. I am a Space Boogie dancer. I have to wear some blue jeans, some chains, two wristbands or one and a plain black tshirt. The chorus have to wear some black pant's and a white tshirt. The Space Boogie boys have to wear mascara and this purple stuff around our eyes. Yesterday we did a full run through with Nanas and Grandads from Brightwater watching.
By Caleb

Monday, August 04, 2008

Welcome Jesse

Today Room 4 welcomed Jesse to our class. He came from Queenstown Primary. Jesse has a sister called Esta in Room 2. We hope he has fun in our class.

Photo taken by Caleb