Monday, September 15, 2008

Dance Show

On Saturday we went to the studio for a party. We had food and drinks and we had muffins and we had water and juice. After that we went to Taniesha's. We watched Mary Kate and Ashley. My Mum did my hair. Then we went to the School of Music and we were the first ones there. I got my Woodenheart clothes on. I kept on throwing my food on the ground. I coloured in my fairy book. Then Peta came in. Mum talked to her about how good I am. Then Sophie and Sara came. Sophie lifted me up as high as she could. The first dance was Woodenheart. After the show we got McDonalds . I got a toy it was a star wars toy. Mum got a burger and a drink.

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Donna (amelia's mum) said...

Great writing amelia