Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

In the weekend it was my brother's birthday. We went to Faulkners Bush. Luke went on the flying fox and Josh went on it too. He hurt himself. Then we had some cake. The next day we went fishing with the Kelly's. It was rough and we saw an army boat. When we went back we saw another huge army boat with a gun on it, and then I patted a baby seal. We went home.

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Witherlea Room Six said...

Hi Room 4. We have been following your class Blog for some time now and just had to let you know how inspirational you have been. We have started our own blog but will continue to read yours, as it is always cool to see what other children are learning in different places around New Zealand. Feel free to visit our Blog:
Mrs Ives
Room Six
Witherlea School