Thursday, March 20, 2008

Safety Expo

Last Friday the whole Junior Syndicate went on a bus to the Richmond Showgrounds. The first bus was parked up because we went on another bus. I got to have the window and Annabel was not on the window I saw a police car we went to the fire man challenge we had to carry the hose, climb through the obstacle course, bang the wood, squirt the target and carry the dummy. Then we went to 50 or 60 kilometres per hour. MrsEarle and Mrs Roberts went in the car. When they went 60 kilometres they didn't stop in time. They ran into the cardboard old man. Then we went to the liferaft. If you get in a huddle , then you will keep warm. Then Thomas got a swim cap and on the swim cap it said Swim For Life.

Junior Sports Day

On Wednesday the Junior Syndicate went down to the Brightwater Domain for a sports morning. Junior Classes from Wakefield, Hope, Ranzau and Appleby were there too. We were in 18 different groups and we got to do 6 activities.
There was dancing in the hall, petanque, parachute, netball, hockey, soccer and rugby skills.
There was a great big earth ball. Each team had to join hands to make a railroad track to get the ball to the station without dropping it. There were mini hurdles and gymnastics. We all had a fun morning. We were hot and tired when we got back to school.
Written by Olly and Mrs Lines

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kadin's Knex

In the weekend I built with my knex. I made a monster truck. It is cool. I made the roof and the decorations. It took me a very long time. I did not make it all. My brother helped me. I brought it to school. I made a special thing on the top of the roof and the sides. My brother made the wheels not go up and down. We had to get a green bit and a bit that could have two bits on it and a white bit.
In the weekend Mum and Dad recorded a scary movie with a big spider and a big Tarantula. The red and black spider is the biggest spider and it can eat people with its claws. A lady was running but she didn't see the spider so she got eaten by the spider.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Annabel's Birthday

It is nearly my birthday. I am turning six. I am inviting 14 people. We are going to have a treasure hunt. We will hide Easter eggs. I will have a big cake. We will have fun.

Last night Clayton came to my house and we played on the bikes. We played racing around the h0use. I won.
Josh `

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sophie's Adventures

In the weekend my Mum got burnt because she spilt her cup of tea down her front. She took her top off and put cold water on her. She put her dressing gown on. Her burn was red and bumpy.
Me and my mum did pottery. Dad checked if the pottery was square.
I overarmed right across the pool. I can swim at the bottom of the pool.
It is 7 days until my birthday. I am having 18 people there. Harriet really wants me to go swimming.

Reggie's Weekend

In the weekend I went down to the river. I went with my mum. My sister and brother came down to the river too. Then we went to get dressed. Then we went home. Then I played outside for a wee minute. Then we had tea. First I had a wee play. Then we went to bed. The next morning when I was brushing my teeth the wiggly tooth fell out. It was a baby tooth. Then I had breakfast. Then I played with my toys. Then I played on the computer I played a car game. You get to choose the colour of the car I chose red and my sister chose purple then I went to school.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Walk To School

This morning the whole school met at the hall and walked to school together. Most of us were dressed up in wild and wacky outfits. There were three clowns, Ms Godsiff, Ms Lemon and Mrs Gulbransen. The clowns juggled and one clown had a water pistol. Lots of people tooted and waved to us. It was a great start to the day.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Kindy Visit

On Friday Room 4 went to mind the Kindy with Room 3.
First we sat on the mat. I played dress ups. Toby dressed as a girl. I dressed up too. I made a plane. I
played with the poi's. Kate and I played poi princesses. I played on the bars with Aleisha. I went on the slide. I went down on my tummy. We sat on the mat. I played the ukele. It was fun. I played on the swing. We had lunch. They had a pet bird. Harriet and I made some wood things. When the kindy kids got back from their trip we walked back to school. We were all very tired.

Toby at Kindy

We went to kindy on Friday and I did the poi's really good. I got dressed up as a girl with a pink wig and high heels. I made a chalk picture. I made a deep hole in the sandpit. Caleb got dressed up as a clown with wooden boots, a red wig and a green jacket. Jasmin got dressed up as a princess genie. We sat in the shade to eat our lunch then we walked back to school.