Monday, March 17, 2008

In the weekend Mum and Dad recorded a scary movie with a big spider and a big Tarantula. The red and black spider is the biggest spider and it can eat people with its claws. A lady was running but she didn't see the spider so she got eaten by the spider.


Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't too scary Jack!! Hope we don't find any spiders that big at our house!
Jack's mum (Gill)

Anonymous said...

I saw a bit of that movie on TV but it was too scary for me so I switched it off.

Allanah K

ICT facilitator

Discover IT Tasman

Anonymous said...

Well done Jack hope I never see a big scary spider.
Jacks Grandma (Barbara)

Anonymous said...

Man Jack I hope there are no spiders like that at your house when Clayton comes to play tomorrow
Clayton's mum (Rebecca)