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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pets Day-Maia

On Friday Brightwater School had pets day. All of the things that involved flowers were Sand saucers, Novelty Container, Buttonhole and Miniature Garden. I made a Sand saucer, a Buttonhole and a Miniature Garden. I made my Miniature Garden at Gwenmas. I didn't do a pattern in my Sand saucer. I just put totally different flowers on. I came 2nd in the Miniature Garden. Seth got 1st in two things. I bought Pontiac and Lollypop my chickens. Mr  Dobbie shore sheep. One of them was really big. The dogs did relays. There was a little dog race and a big dog race. Lucy named one of her chickens Maia and bought it to pets day. She also named one Goldy. The thing I liked the best was the rabbits. 
I loved Pets Day.

Pets Day - Joanna

Last Friday it was pets day but I didn't bring a pet. The night before pets day I had to get lots of things read. On Friday morning Mum, Leah and I went out to pick some lovely flowers for my novelty container. I had made my miniature garden on Wednesday so it was all finished. 
When I got to school I went to the hall straight away. The hall was bustling at the time I went in.The judging started at 11 o'clock and I was really nervous. As it turned out I didn't get any prizes. 
In the afternoon it was time for the pets. There were fancy dress dogs, little dogs and big dogs. I had a lot of fun on pets day.

Pets Day - Carly

On pets day Mum and Dad took me to school because I had my miniature garden which  was a farm and three buckets of flowers. 
When I got into class I started my sand saucer. I started in the middle and went round. 
The day passed by slowly and finally pets day came. We put our sun hats on and made our way to the back field. Mr Gibbs trained two dogs to help him round up sheep on his farm. 
When we were allowed to go and have a look round Joanna and I went to look at the huskies. We got to pat them. Next we went over to the trees where Brianna and her little dog was. It was white and fluffy. Then the person on the loud speaker announced we should go and have a look at the pet races. I can't remember who won. 
A while later it was time to go home. I went into the hall and saw that my cupcakes and sand saucer had won third place. 
It was a great pets day!   

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Weekend News

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I Wish Poems

I wish I were
A tiny tinkling fairy
Inside a shiny castle
Fluttering by the window sill

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Charlie - Trees

Tree Hut

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hip Hop Dance

Every Tuesday this term we are learning Hip Hop dance with Dean and Ezra.

Get Set Go Event - Valerie Adams

On Thursday Room 1 and 2 went to Saxton Athletic Oval for a Get Set Go Event. The special guest was Valerie Adams.  We got to do twelve fun activities that involved running, jumping, balancing, throwing, catching and  striking. Then we had lunch and came back to school.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Education Trust

The Life Education Trust truck is at Brightwater School. We had our first visit this morning. We are learning lots of things about Air.

We learnt about all the things our body needs.
We learnt about where the air goes in our bodies. 

Penny Farthing Visit

This morning we had a visit from a man riding this penny farthing bike from Richmond to Tapawera. Maurice also recited some poetry to us.
It is called a penny farthing because he penny was a big coin and the farthing was a small coin just like the two wheels.

Mask Parade

On Friday it was the Nelson Arts Festival annual mask parade. Brightwater School joined in the parade. We did the Legend of the Phoenix. Ella was dressed as the Phoenix.
We were the fire. We danced and sang all around the city. We had lots of fun.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Monster By Maia

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend News

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Taine's Sleepover

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Japanese Visitors

 Today we were very lucky to have some Japanese visitors. They have been at Garin College for 8 weeks. Six girls came to Room 2 to show us some origami and how to write our names in Japanese. They also read a book to us.  When they first came to NZ they couldn't read any english. We sang them a song and did an energiser. Then we went to the hall with all of the Junior Syndicate. The Japanese visitors did a dance for us then we had a try at doing the dance with them.
At lunch time they played soccer and rugby and some of the girls were skipping.
We learnt how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in Japanese.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dancing Raisins

On Monday we poured some lemonade into some jars. Then we dropped some raisins into the lemonade. They went straight to the bottom. We watched and waited. We didn't have to wait long before the raisins started to dance.  

We decided the bubbles in the lemonade attached themselves to the raisins which made them float to the top. Then the bubbles popped and the raisins went back down to the bottom. The raisins kept dancing for about two hours.


On Wednesday Mrs Inch invited us to join the middle syndicate when Murray and Nicky Elwood came to school with their bees. 
The bees were between two pieces of glass. We could see the queen bee if we looked very carefully.

Fingerprint Monsters

We used our fingerprints to draw these monsters.

Yummy Honey

At Discovery Time today we all got to try the honey that Seth brought. We had to out margerine on our own piece of bread then use a teaspoon to drop the honey on the bread. Then we had to spread the honey out with the knife. Some of us had never spread margerine before. It tasted delicious.

Beekeeper Seth

On Tuesday Seth brought a beekeeper suit to school to show us. There was no way that bees could get inside the suit. The hood was zipped onto the body of the suit. the gloves came up over the sleeves. At the bottom of the legs there was elastic. The honey in the jar looked really yummy.

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Brightwater Hip Hop

On Tuesday just before lunch we went to the hall with the Junior Syndicate to learn some Hip Hop dance moves from two guys who had come to teach us.


We had a special visitor after lunch on Tuesday. Aniwaka Roberts who plays hockey for New Zealand was in Nelson and Maia's Mum brought her to Room 2. She talked to us about all the training she has to do to be a top hockey player. We asked her some questions and then we all went outside and had a hit around with the hockey sticks remembering to keep them on the ground. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Round The World - Germany

Our journey around the world continues. Maia's Opa came in to talk to us about his homeland, Germany

Round The World - Vietnam

Will's Dad came in to tell us about his motorbike trip around Vietnam for two weeks. We learnt how the children's lives in Vietnam are so different to ours. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Round the World - Skype Call To Holland

This morning Callum's Mum came in to tell us about Holland. We skyped Callum's Oma and Opa who are in Holland on holiday. We asked them heaps of questions. They had to stay up late to talk to us. Callum has been to Holland when he was only eight months old.
Thank you Oma and Opa.
Thank you Annemarie for making us bread with chocolate sprinkles on.
It was delicious.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Round the World - Scotland

 Joanna's Mum came to talk to us about her country, Scotland. She had lots of things to show us and we got to try some delicious food called Tablet. It was a little bit like fudge.

Round the World - Argentina

Oli's Mum came to talk to us about her country Argentina. In Argentina people speak Spanish. Argentina is a very big country

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There are four things we need to remember when we are learning about striking.
1. Shake hands with the racquet.
2.Stand sideways.
3. Swinging gate.
4. Always keep your eye on the ball.

Today we got into 5 teams and did relays.

Round the World - Ecuador

Seth's Mum came to talk to us about Ecuador. She visited this country twelve years ago. She also told us about The Galapagos Islands and showed us lots of pictures.

Round the World - Ocean Island or Kiribati

Charlie's Dad came into talk to us about life on Ocean Island when he was only six years old. It is now called Kiribati. The only way to get to the island and off it was by boat.
He lived there when there was lots of mining.
When the mining finished most of the population left.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cross Country

Great running Year 2 boys and girls. Very proud of you all.

Monday, June 09, 2014


Will Allira Taine Connor Kali Leo

Thursday, June 05, 2014


 On the Queens Birthday Harry, Mum and I stayed at Mapua for the day and we went to the cafe and I got a cake that was 12 centimetres and it was chocolate with a cherry on the top and I had cream and raspberry sauce on the top. Soon it was all gone and it had made me a bit fat.
Then we jumped on our scooters and scootered down the pathway until we got to the wharf because we were going to get an icecream. Then we went to the sweet and sour Four Square and got some treats. I got m&ms in a packet. Harry got a cookies and cream icecream. I hope I can go again.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Queens Birthday News

Callum Connor Lauchlan

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Silly Sentences

Jayden was very busy today at Reading Time making all these silly sentences. They all have capital letters and full stops. Some even have adjectives.

Maia's Weekend

On Saturday after Ripper Rugby my family and I went to Takaka.
We stayed at Pohara Beach Top Ten Holiday Park because Grandad was singing in the awards just down the road. We stayed in cabin 1. The cabin had 4 beds, pots and pans and a desk. It was 60 Dollars a night. Grandad got first in 2 sections and second in one section. Felicity Borcovsky got the most trophies.
On Monday we went to Anatoki Salmon farm. I caught the first Salmon. The last time when we went to the Anatoki salmon farm a few weeks later a flood happened.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We are trying to include more adjectives and descriptions in our writing. Listen to see how many adjectives you can hear.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cooking With Helen

Helen came to cook with a group at Discovery Time this morning. They made chocolate truffles with a marshmallow in the middle. They were very yummy. 

Discovery Time

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