Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pets Day-Maia

On Friday Brightwater School had pets day. All of the things that involved flowers were Sand saucers, Novelty Container, Buttonhole and Miniature Garden. I made a Sand saucer, a Buttonhole and a Miniature Garden. I made my Miniature Garden at Gwenmas. I didn't do a pattern in my Sand saucer. I just put totally different flowers on. I came 2nd in the Miniature Garden. Seth got 1st in two things. I bought Pontiac and Lollypop my chickens. Mr  Dobbie shore sheep. One of them was really big. The dogs did relays. There was a little dog race and a big dog race. Lucy named one of her chickens Maia and bought it to pets day. She also named one Goldy. The thing I liked the best was the rabbits. 
I loved Pets Day.

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