Monday, February 25, 2008

Toby's Weekend

In the weekend my tooth came out. My dad gave me 20 dollars for no reason. We went to the Richmod Mall. I got new shoes and a mushabelly lion. We went to the Warehouse. I got some new clothes. I got ten dollars when my tooth came out.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

LIfe Education Trust

This week the Life Education Trust van has been at school. We have been to visit Helen and Harold two times. We have been learning about our brain and healthy food. Today we saw the monkey. It was his birthday. We talked to Jocko on the phone and told him some healthy foods he could eat so he would have more energy.
By Aleisha

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quinney's Bush

On Wednesday the whole School went to Quinneys Bush. First Room 4 went to the river with Room 9 our buddy class. After that we went to the waterslide but room 9 was on the waterslide so Room 4 went on the flying fox then room 4 went on the waterslide. I got one turn on the waterslide. After that we all went back to have some lunch. Mrs Willams called out "She's got chocolate cake!" that's my mum. After that Mrs Willam's came over to have a look in our chillybin. After we had lunch we played egg and spoon races and had a sack race. After the sack race that was it for the day. We all climbed into the cars and headed back to school and home. It was a fantastic day!

Crunch Munch With Cassie

This morning we went to a Crunch Munch Show in the hall with Room 3. Cassie told us how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables every day. Aleisha and Caleb got chosen to go up the front and choose a fruit or vegetable that they liked. They had to show us what they needed energy for. Aleisha did running and Caleb did swimming. At the end we all got to have some grapes. Some children had never tried grapes before. One day soon we are going to have a tasting day in our classroom and try new things.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

World Maths Day

We have all got usernames and passwords in the front of our notebooks so we can take part in World Maths Day on the 5th of March. We are all practising so we can learn our basic facts and speed up. Visit to check it out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jacob Goes Horseriding

On Tuesday the 12th of Febuary Jacob went horse riding.He went with Samantha, Bayley, Dawn and his Mum. He thought it was fun.He will go horse riding every Tuesday this term.He had a look around at all the other horses.He liked the one that was brown with white spots.He saw a white dog that followed them around.They went for a walk with the horses down the road.
Written by Jacob and his buddy Kate from Room 9.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Day Back

What a lot of smiling faces on the mat when the bell went at nine o'clock this morning. It took a long time for all the children to share their news. They had done so many amazing things in lots of different places around New Zealand. We went to the library and each chose two books to go on our class library shelves. We had fitness on the Adventure playground. Some children did things they had never done before. After play we read with our buddies, wrote about something we did in the holidays and then got a new reading book. After lunch some children still had to get their reading books so the others had free choice. Then we went and took photos to get one to go on this blog. It took a long time to get everyone looking at the camera and not too spread out. It took a while to get packed up with our notices. We were all ready for our swim. Everybody had their togs and we showed what we could do in the pool. Next week we will be in three groups, dolphins, sharks and jellyfish.

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