Monday, February 18, 2008

Quinney's Bush

On Wednesday the whole School went to Quinneys Bush. First Room 4 went to the river with Room 9 our buddy class. After that we went to the waterslide but room 9 was on the waterslide so Room 4 went on the flying fox then room 4 went on the waterslide. I got one turn on the waterslide. After that we all went back to have some lunch. Mrs Willams called out "She's got chocolate cake!" that's my mum. After that Mrs Willam's came over to have a look in our chillybin. After we had lunch we played egg and spoon races and had a sack race. After the sack race that was it for the day. We all climbed into the cars and headed back to school and home. It was a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

What great day you all had at Quinney's Bush!

Anonymous said...

WOW did you have

Jamie Reid