Thursday, June 29, 2006

Worm Farm

On Thursday Sarah Langi came to show us her worm farm. It had four layers. After she told us all about the worms and showed us all the layers of the worm farm we had to go in groups of six. We got given a pottle of worms. We looked at the worms then we put one on a plastic lid and shone a torch through it. We could see through the worm.
Worms eat paper, food scraps and green garden waste. They also need to be kept moist. Inside an avocado skin there were lots of worms.
Don't hold worms in your hand for long because their skin will burn.
Written by Justin and Hunter

Friday, June 23, 2006

Doug The Digger

This morning we went to the hall and Mr Mac talked to us about how he came to write a book about Doug the Digger.Lilli and Justin got to help read some of the book. He told us to do our best at school. We all went outside and listened to some safety rules and then we all got to have a turn on Doug the Digger. We had to use three hand controls to pick up a tennis ball from in some gravel and tip it into a tin. Thank you Mr Mac.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recycling Cans

On Monday 19 June Murray Harris came to show the Junior Syndicate how he makes model planes out of drink cans. One of the planes took 14 cans to make. He sells the planes at the Flea Market on a Saturday. He gets to meet and talk to a whole lot of people from all around the world. He needs lots of cans so has people who collect them for him. When he gets them he has to wash them in soapy water. Because the cans are made from aluminium the planes will never rust and will last for many years.