Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recycling Cans

On Monday 19 June Murray Harris came to show the Junior Syndicate how he makes model planes out of drink cans. One of the planes took 14 cans to make. He sells the planes at the Flea Market on a Saturday. He gets to meet and talk to a whole lot of people from all around the world. He needs lots of cans so has people who collect them for him. When he gets them he has to wash them in soapy water. Because the cans are made from aluminium the planes will never rust and will last for many years.

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Room 9 said...

You have been learning some interesting information about recycling Room 4. Have you made some things from recycled materials? We would like to hear about them because we like to make things too.The planes made out of cans look really cool.
From Mrs Eden and Room 9 Richmond Primary School.