Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Visit To The Recycle Centre

On Monday the whole Junior Syndicate went to the Recycling Centre at Tahuna in two buses. We got out of the bus and followed Mr Taylor into the Recycle Centre. We stood behind the bales of newspaper then we squatted down in front of Room 2 children and watched the big machine squash lots and lots of plastic milk bottles into a big bale. The green bottles and brown bottles and coke bottles are all squashed into different bales. Newspaper and glossy paper are in different bales. A big truck arrived with lots of cardboard. It tipped it out and a big forklift picked it up and put it into the big machine to get squashed. The forklift put a bale of cardboard on the scales and then the man told the children to get on the scales. It took 58 children to weigh the same as the bale of cardboard. The bales get put in big containers and then the containers go on a truck to the port. They get put on a boat and go to China where they are made into new products. The man said that there is still lots and lots of stuff that goes to the landfill that should be recycled.


Anonymous said...

What a great report about your trip to the Recycling Centre Room 4.
I can hardly believe that it took 58 children to weigh the same as all of that cardboard.
The green plastic bottles do get very squashed in the bale, don't they?
The machine at the Recycling Centre looks very big. Was it noisy?
Glad that you had such a great trip.
From Mrs Gulbransen

Room9brightwater said...

Hi Room 4. Room 9 really enjoyed the recycling center also. Alot of you stood on the scales to equal the weight of one bale. It took 18-20 Senior Syndicate children to weigh one bale.