Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pets Day-Maia

On Friday Brightwater School had pets day. All of the things that involved flowers were Sand saucers, Novelty Container, Buttonhole and Miniature Garden. I made a Sand saucer, a Buttonhole and a Miniature Garden. I made my Miniature Garden at Gwenmas. I didn't do a pattern in my Sand saucer. I just put totally different flowers on. I came 2nd in the Miniature Garden. Seth got 1st in two things. I bought Pontiac and Lollypop my chickens. Mr  Dobbie shore sheep. One of them was really big. The dogs did relays. There was a little dog race and a big dog race. Lucy named one of her chickens Maia and bought it to pets day. She also named one Goldy. The thing I liked the best was the rabbits. 
I loved Pets Day.

Pets Day - Joanna

Last Friday it was pets day but I didn't bring a pet. The night before pets day I had to get lots of things read. On Friday morning Mum, Leah and I went out to pick some lovely flowers for my novelty container. I had made my miniature garden on Wednesday so it was all finished. 
When I got to school I went to the hall straight away. The hall was bustling at the time I went in.The judging started at 11 o'clock and I was really nervous. As it turned out I didn't get any prizes. 
In the afternoon it was time for the pets. There were fancy dress dogs, little dogs and big dogs. I had a lot of fun on pets day.

Pets Day - Carly

On pets day Mum and Dad took me to school because I had my miniature garden which  was a farm and three buckets of flowers. 
When I got into class I started my sand saucer. I started in the middle and went round. 
The day passed by slowly and finally pets day came. We put our sun hats on and made our way to the back field. Mr Gibbs trained two dogs to help him round up sheep on his farm. 
When we were allowed to go and have a look round Joanna and I went to look at the huskies. We got to pat them. Next we went over to the trees where Brianna and her little dog was. It was white and fluffy. Then the person on the loud speaker announced we should go and have a look at the pet races. I can't remember who won. 
A while later it was time to go home. I went into the hall and saw that my cupcakes and sand saucer had won third place. 
It was a great pets day!   

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend News

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I Wish Poems

I wish I were
A tiny tinkling fairy
Inside a shiny castle
Fluttering by the window sill

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Charlie - Trees

Tree Hut