Friday, August 29, 2008


After Play this morning a large truck arrived with a digger on the back. The digger is here to dig up the concrete at the entrance to the pool area.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Makos Game

On Saturday l went to the Makos game in Blenheim with my Mum and Dad and my sister. Hawkes Bay won the game. It was 41-6. I had tea in Blenheim. For tea I had a meatlovers pizza. On my pizza I had cheese and meat.I visited my friend called Dylan and played games on the playstation.

Jasmin's Leaving

On 4th September I am leaving to go to Australia to live. I will miss Brightwater School and I will miss all my friends too. I am moving to Port Stevens it is near Sydney and a few other towns in Australia. We are getting a rental house. A rental house is when you live in somebody elses house but its not yours so you have to pay to live there. You are not allowed to have pets in a rental so Nanny is going to take care of Moses but we will get him back when we buy a house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Listen to Josh and Olly


This week for Maths we have been practising our basic facts on the Mathletics website. We can do this until the 25th of August. We have our user names and passwords in our spelling notebooks.
Mathletics Website

Can Tabs and Blankets

On Friday the Trows came to the whole school assembly because they came to pick up the can tabs and blankets. The can tabs are going to the Lions Club to raise money for Kidney Kids. The two blankets are for two poor kids in Moldova. Room 4 made one of the blankets. Liam and Annabel presented the blanket Room 4 made. Jack and Harriet presented the blanket from Miss King. Clayton and Jacob presented the can tabs.
By Aleisha

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blankets For Moldova

We now have 2 blankets to send to Moldova. Our friend Miss King brought one in yesterday that she found all sealed up in a bag when she cleaned out her mother's garage. It has 108 squares and is very heavy. Thank you Miss King.

Mrs Brooks has finished our peggy square blanket and even made a label to say who it is from. Thank you Mrs Brooks. Thank you to all the knitters from Arrowtown all the way up to Auckland. Our blanket has 63 squares.

Kids In Space Dancers

Room 4 has 8 girls and three boys dancing in our school production. Can you see them in these photos?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Production Day

Tonight is a special night because tonight is production night. Our production is called Kids In Space. The chorus have to sing but the dancer's don't have to sing. I am a Space Boogie dancer. I have to wear some blue jeans, some chains, two wristbands or one and a plain black tshirt. The chorus have to wear some black pant's and a white tshirt. The Space Boogie boys have to wear mascara and this purple stuff around our eyes. Yesterday we did a full run through with Nanas and Grandads from Brightwater watching.
By Caleb

Monday, August 04, 2008

Welcome Jesse

Today Room 4 welcomed Jesse to our class. He came from Queenstown Primary. Jesse has a sister called Esta in Room 2. We hope he has fun in our class.

Photo taken by Caleb

Friday, August 01, 2008

Blanket For Moldova

Thank you to everyone who helped us knit peggy squares. The blanket looks great and will keep someone in Moldova very warm.