Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blankets For Moldova

We now have 2 blankets to send to Moldova. Our friend Miss King brought one in yesterday that she found all sealed up in a bag when she cleaned out her mother's garage. It has 108 squares and is very heavy. Thank you Miss King.

Mrs Brooks has finished our peggy square blanket and even made a label to say who it is from. Thank you Mrs Brooks. Thank you to all the knitters from Arrowtown all the way up to Auckland. Our blanket has 63 squares.


Granny, Arrowtown. said...

Hi Room 4 Your blanket are great and I am sure some lucky family will be very pleased to recieve them. It is a good idea doing or making something for people less fortunate. Well done and be proud of yourselves for your gift.

AllanahK said...

It felt good being able to help people in cold countries feel warmer. The blanket is really heavy so it will keep people nice and cozy.

You are very clever being able to count all those squares.

What a great maths lesson.

Miss King

janeen said...

what fantastic knitters you have don. You should proud that you were able to make the blanket and that it is going to keep a child just like you much warmer. Well done.We have been knitting peggy square to.
from janeen & Evie

Room9brightwater said...

Awesome blankets room 4. Great knitting, maybe someone can teach me to knit!

Mrs W

Anonymous said...

What a great blanket!!!!!!!! Well done to all the knitters