Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can Tabs and Blankets

On Friday the Trows came to the whole school assembly because they came to pick up the can tabs and blankets. The can tabs are going to the Lions Club to raise money for Kidney Kids. The two blankets are for two poor kids in Moldova. Room 4 made one of the blankets. Liam and Annabel presented the blanket Room 4 made. Jack and Harriet presented the blanket from Miss King. Clayton and Jacob presented the can tabs.
By Aleisha


Moturoa said...

Until I read your blog post I thought you were talking about the Canterbury Rugby Team- I have heard some people call them CanTabs- short for Canterbury think.

Allanah K

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Anonymous said...

Well done room 4!!! U have done a great job to help some people less well off than yourselves