Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Soccer

On Saturday I went to soccer at Lord Rutherford Park. They threw the ball up in the air. We had to run up to the ball. We had to kick it into the goal and before that I had to go to kick the ball into the goal with the others. We did some warm ups. There were two other groups.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Fun

On Saturday I went to the museum with Dad and Mum. I got a poster. It had a shark tooth. I saw a dinosaur. It was a fossil. When we were in the museum someone backed into our car and made a dent.
Then we went up to the lake to see how far the snow was down. We didn't come home until eight o'clock. When I got home I had tea and went to bed. I had a good day out with my family. It was the best day in my life.

Friday, May 22, 2009


On Friday Aimee was the teacher . She got to mark the roll. The children had to answer the roll with a character from a fairy tale. She chose the people to have news. Nicola got chosen to start. Aimee thought it was fun but hard being the teacher.

Buddy Class

When our buddy class came down to test our spelling on Friday some of the boys from Room 9 and Room 4 built a massive tower out of cuisenaire rods They worked really well as a team. Keegan on the left and Tane on the right are standing on chairs. The tower fell over before we measured it.

Discovery Time

Jared's Mum Maree, came to help us make chocolate cookies at Discovery Time. We cooked them in the oven in the hall. There was enough for everyone to have one for morning tea. Wew even gave one to Mr Baldwin and Mrs Stewart. They were delicious. Thank you Maree.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stick Insect

Mum found this stick insect on the wood pile. There are about 2500 species of stick insect known around the world. Stick insects eat plant leaves.

Monday, May 18, 2009


On Friday night Wanderers Gold Under 7's played under the lights. We played Cameron's team. We got very muddy. When it was half time we had jellybeans and oranges, then we went back on. We went on and off. I went on again when they tapped and ran. I did a big rip. They did not score. It was a loose ball. I got the ball and I did a big run but I got ripped. I passed the ball. We scored the try. We had chips with mini dogs. We had drinks. When we got home we were still hungry so we had icecream.
Bailey D

My Birthday

Yesterday it was my birthday and I got a sword and I got two new transformers and for my cake it was a pirate dagger sword and I got some cars and I got Ramone and some other cars and we went ten pin bowling and it was fun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Room 4 Visit To The Tasman District Library

On Tuesdsay 5th May Room 4 went to visit Lucy at the TDC Library in Richmond. Lucy told us all about the library and told us a fairy tale using the felt board. We got to look around the library and some children who had remembered to bring their library cards got books out. Some more Room 4 children have now joined the library which is fantastic.

Story Teller

On Thursday a storyteller called Roger Sanders came to visit Brightwater School. There were two sessions. The Junior Syndicate went to the first session. He told us two stories and then answered our questions. The first story was about seven skinny goats and the second story was about a leprechaun and an old man looking for gold. We all liked it when Mr Sanders played his instruments.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Museum Visit

In the weekend I went to the museum to see the underwater dinosaur I went with Mum, Dad and Ashlee. After I saw Jamie and Sonia. After the museum visit I had lunch. Mum bought two fossils, Micraster Sea Urchin 90 million years old, Cretaceous Spain. Orthoceras, 350 million years old, Morocco. I got lots of stuff.


On Sunday my family went to the Queens Gardens. When we got there we saw some ducks, when we crossed the bridge. We went to the Suter for lunch. We had sausage rolls and a melon cake. We saw a water wheel. I knew how it spins around. It is the water pushing the wheel. We played a game.

Baby Brother

On Thursday my baby brother was born at the hospital in the morning after I went to school. His name is Kane. Mum and Kane came home on Sunday. When we got home he was hungry.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maths Lines 10

A new game for you to learn facts about 10. Click picture to play.