Friday, October 31, 2008

Marshmallow Sandwiches

Today at Discovery Time all the reading groups made some marshmallow sandwiches. If you want to make some you will need a plate, a microwave oven, a packet of marshmallows and a packet of chocolate biscuits.
1.Get one biscuit
2.Put it on a plate with the chocolate facing up.
3.Get one marshmallow.
4. Put the marshmallow on the top of the biscuit.
5. Get another chocolate biscuit.
6. Make sure the chocolate is facing down.
7.Put it on top of the marshmallow.
8.Put the plate with the sandwich in the microwave oven.
9. Cook on medium high for 10 seconds.
10. Carefully take the plate out of the microwave.
11 WAIT for a couple of minutes before you eat it because food cooked in a microwave keeps cooking after you take it out.
Writing and Photo by Aleisha

Dot Meharry

We were reading an article about the author Dot Meharry in a Junior Journal. Another group were reading The Gardener's Maze and another group were reading an article on making a marshmallow sandwich written by Dot Meharry. We had to find three facts about the author and then Mrs Lines set up the data projector and Inspiration for us to record the facts. Annabel and Liam went to the library to see what Dot Meharry books they could find. They only found two that were not out on loan.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This week we have been busy drawing clowns to put on our calendars.

Room 4's Shop.

On Tuesday Room 4 got a cash register and it works. We play with it. Annabel and Clayton and the class are making a shop. We get heaps of customers. Heaps of people buy books at our shop. In our shop we have eggs, sauce, crackers, chicken soup and chocolate.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kadin's Baby Brother

This morning when Kadin came to school he brought his brand new baby brother with him. Brock Aaron Seyb was born on 10 October 2008. Kadin has been having lots of cuddles and rocks his baby brother when his Mum is in the shower.