Monday, October 15, 2007


In the holidays we went to Puponga. We stayed in Anne’s sleep out. Dad almost stood on a big fat seal. Sam and I got to see it. The last night Sam and I had a spa bath. When it was lunchtime we went out for lunch. I had a healthy lunch. Sam and Dad didn’t have a healthy lunch. I got sausages and cucumbers in my meal. It was delicious. Sam and Dad had a wrap. We counted how many swans there were. There were 60. I knew because I counted them. There were a lot.
Dad caught a fish between his legs. It was funny when that happened. It was fun when we went in the spa bath. I liked it there because it was fun there. When Dad went to make the cockles spit out the sand we saw a dog, down the river. We knew its name. It was Peg. It was at Anne’s too. I patted it because I asked. It is a girl. I am lucky because they let me. I know them. They are nice. One is called Vicky. She is beautiful. They have a cat. It is cute and nice. I met lots of new people there. I like it there because everyone is nice. I saw one of my friends. Sam and I played with her. She is called Page. In the dark I thought that something grabbed my leg but it was a stick. I fell over a lot but Sam didn’t fall over a bit because she is used to it there. She is brave.
On Tuesday we left to go to Alana’s funeral. It was sad.

Monday, October 08, 2007


In the holidays I went to the Aquatic Centre. I met Spike. His name is Spike because he has spikes on his back.
Also my Mum is going to Japan. We are dropping
her off at the airport. She is getting me a temgochi v 5 I am going on the computer with it. I am getting a dog for christmas. I am going to play with it. We are going to decorate the Christmas tree with decorations. I can't wait until Christmas comes. I am leaving the biggest present for last because it is the best one. I love the best one .


In the holidays I played with my sister. We made a hut, and we put lots of stuff in the hut. Then we put a sheet on the top. Then we started to play. The hut was my room. My sister's bedroom was a big room. She was the Mum.


In the holidays Dad, Mum, Jesse, Taine. and I went to Nana and Grandads. We all stayed at a Motel. before we went to this big wave pool. On the way there, we all got out of the car. Then went into the big wave pool. I jumped off the smallest board. Dad, Jesse, and I went on the hydroslide. Then Mum and Jesse went on the hydrorslide too. Dad, Jesse and I had lots of fun on the hydroslide.


In the holidays I went to Wellington and I went with my Mum and my sister and my brother. I went on the blue boat and I went on the playground and I went down the big slide and went over the big bump. I fell over on the ground. Then we got an icecream and I ate my icecream.


In the holidays I went scalloping. I was scared of the big bumps. I went with Mum and Dad and Daniel and Emma. We got 41 scallops. After scalloping we got in the bath and then had scallops for tea.
Daniel and I had a crunchie bar and
Emma had an icicle pop. Then we went home. I got some other stuff for tea.


On Saturday Brayden came for the night and played trains and there were heaps of crashes and then we went to bed and in the morning we played trains again and then Brayden went home and I had a sleep over at Brayden's and we played trains and we played walkie talkies and then we went to bed and in the morning we played trains and then I went home and went to my friends.


In the holidays Daddy went to Wellington. He went to the rugby. Dad found a good mall and bought me something.
While Dad was away we went to the movies to see Ratatouille and I had a sleep over at Kezia's. We didn't get any sleep because we were talking all night.


In the holidays I went to Wellington with Tyrone and Mum. I went to the playground on the ferry. I went on the slide six times. It was fun because Kelly and Robbie were on the ferry with us. I kept moaning to Kelly if we could go to the movie. Robbie was being very silly with Tyrone.