Monday, October 15, 2007


In the holidays we went to Puponga. We stayed in Anne’s sleep out. Dad almost stood on a big fat seal. Sam and I got to see it. The last night Sam and I had a spa bath. When it was lunchtime we went out for lunch. I had a healthy lunch. Sam and Dad didn’t have a healthy lunch. I got sausages and cucumbers in my meal. It was delicious. Sam and Dad had a wrap. We counted how many swans there were. There were 60. I knew because I counted them. There were a lot.
Dad caught a fish between his legs. It was funny when that happened. It was fun when we went in the spa bath. I liked it there because it was fun there. When Dad went to make the cockles spit out the sand we saw a dog, down the river. We knew its name. It was Peg. It was at Anne’s too. I patted it because I asked. It is a girl. I am lucky because they let me. I know them. They are nice. One is called Vicky. She is beautiful. They have a cat. It is cute and nice. I met lots of new people there. I like it there because everyone is nice. I saw one of my friends. Sam and I played with her. She is called Page. In the dark I thought that something grabbed my leg but it was a stick. I fell over a lot but Sam didn’t fall over a bit because she is used to it there. She is brave.
On Tuesday we left to go to Alana’s funeral. It was sad.


KATHBEE said...

What a cool story!!!! Puponga sounds like a very cool place to visit!! 60 swans!! Wow, that IS a lot!

Sausages and cucumber sound like a funny combination, but I'm glad you had a healthy lunch!

That MUST have been so funny when Dad caught a fish between his legs!! hahahahaha!

I was really sad to hear about Alana. I hope you have some nice memories of her =)

Room 6 Purple People Eaters said...

Mrs C-B said..

I am a teacher from Dunedin and I think your story is fabulous Ashlee.

I love swans and to see 60 of them would be like a dream to me!!

I teach a class of Yr 2 and 3, they are all 6,7&8. I will show them this blogspot when I go to school tomorrow.

We love to look at different blogs.

We have one as well, you can visit us at
We are called the Room 6 Purple People Eaters.

Have a nice week=)