Thursday, June 05, 2014


 On the Queens Birthday Harry, Mum and I stayed at Mapua for the day and we went to the cafe and I got a cake that was 12 centimetres and it was chocolate with a cherry on the top and I had cream and raspberry sauce on the top. Soon it was all gone and it had made me a bit fat.
Then we jumped on our scooters and scootered down the pathway until we got to the wharf because we were going to get an icecream. Then we went to the sweet and sour Four Square and got some treats. I got m&ms in a packet. Harry got a cookies and cream icecream. I hope I can go again.

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Will's Mum said...

It was a beautiful cake wasn't it Will! Thank you for letting me have a centimetre of it. Sweet and Sour Four Square? Hmmm - will have to have a think about that one??? I really enjoyed reading your story - it was a lovely day at Mapua.