Thursday, March 20, 2008

Junior Sports Day

On Wednesday the Junior Syndicate went down to the Brightwater Domain for a sports morning. Junior Classes from Wakefield, Hope, Ranzau and Appleby were there too. We were in 18 different groups and we got to do 6 activities.
There was dancing in the hall, petanque, parachute, netball, hockey, soccer and rugby skills.
There was a great big earth ball. Each team had to join hands to make a railroad track to get the ball to the station without dropping it. There were mini hurdles and gymnastics. We all had a fun morning. We were hot and tired when we got back to school.
Written by Olly and Mrs Lines

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Mrs Senn said...

Hi there thanks for the comment on our blog- your sports looks fantastic. We found you blog from a link on the KinderKids blog.