Monday, September 08, 2008

Under 7's Tournament

On Saturday the whole team went to Green Meadows in Stoke. We played five games. We had to vs Nelson and won. Then we went back to the tents for a quick drink and something to eat. We had another game to play against Waimea. It took five minutes until the buzzer went. We all had one minute at half time. Then we went back on and won. We went back to the tents. Nearly all of us needed to go to the toilet. When we got back to the tents every body was at the next game. We played Murchison. It was muddy so Keith had to draw a circle with his shoe in the mud. Keith got angry because he had mud on his shoe. Then it was half time and we went back to the game. Clayton got a try. When we went back to the tent everybody had a drink of water and Powerade. Then we went to the fourth game and we played Stoke. We beat them. When the game was finished Stoke were sweating like pigs. Then we went back to the tents. Nearly everybody needed to go to the toilet again. When we got out of the toilets everybody was down at the toilets. We had the last game. Glen said if we win this game we will take the whole team to McDonalds. We were sweating like pigs. We won all of the games because of the ref. Wanderer's Gold was way up in the front and we were way at the back. Wanderers Golds tag fell off and the ref said it was a rip and that was their last rip. We won ten ,nine. The adults were jumping up and down. Then we went to McDonalds. At McDonalds everybody had a happy meal . Everybody got a toy. After that everybody had an ice cream. Abby got no ice cream because she gave it to me. Then the adults went to the supermarket to get some alcohol to drink.
Written by Caleb and Clayton
In the picture the Room 4 boys are holding the trophy they won.

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Anonymous said...

Well done guys. You played so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca (Clayton's Mum)