Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Room 4 Visits The brook Sanctuary

On Tuesday Room 4 went to the Brook Sanctuary and we travelled up in our cars. When we got out I saw a bird nest in the roof. When we got inside we saw a map. Then we went to look at a fence. It had a hat and a skirt. The skirt was so the animals couldn’t dig under the ground and the hat was so mice, cats and other pests couldn’t climb over the hat and they would slip off.
On the walk we had to look for blue ribbons and boxes. We went across two bridges and Shine chose people to give leaves to. We needed the leaf to get their names and next time we go there will be a swing bridge. When we got back we had to match the leaves and put them on the poster and book but Kate and I couldn’t because we had flowers. Then we had lunch and Josh and I were sitting over the edge and so was Clayton.

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