Monday, November 24, 2008

Olly In Hospital

On Friday Olly went to hospital for an operation on his leg. We made a little book for him on Friday afternoon. Mrs Lines and Annabel took it in to him on Saturday afternoon. While they were there Clayton and Josh arrived for a visit with Rebecca and Shanee. Olly's Mum put him in his wheelchair and we all got to have a turn pushing him around the children's ward.
Olly came home from hospital on Sunday night. He will have his leg in plaster for a few weeks. We are going to email Olly and talk to him on Skype. We might even send him some text messages.
Olly we miss you.
Hope you are able to come back to school real soon.


ollys mum said...

Hi Room 4
I am filling in my day playing playstation. I miss you all and hope that mum can bring me down to see you all later in the week. I missed discovery time on Friday, was it good?
from olly

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Olly.

It is good that you have lots of friends to visit you.

Allanah K

Appleby School

Anonymous said...

Hi Olly you are so brave!!!!!!! What a dude
Rebecca (Clayton's Mum)

Anonymous said...

All better?
Tomos Friend