Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skye's Flat Stanley Goes To Totoranui

Skye's Flat Stanley and I went to Totoranui after school on Friday with my family. On the way we had fish and chips for tea. When we had toasted marshmallows we got ready for bed. Joe and I slept in the little tent. It was dark when Joe came into our tent. We got our head lights to read in our sleeping bags. The next day we went to the next beach. On the way I got a special leaf. The leaf was special because you could write on it. I was the only one who got some. My sister and my brother were annoying me so I told my Mum. Then we arrived the beach. Joe climbed up the big rock. We took a photo of Joe on the rock, then we walked up the litte rocks. Tom and Joe found a great big crab. It was red and orange, it was as big as Keri's hands if she put her hands together. Then we had to put the big crab into a big rock pool. We saw it moving to a rock. We found a litte cave. We went through it. We had to go back to the camp. We had noodles for lunch. Then we went to the beach across the road. Joe and I could go to the beach when we wanted to. We found two whole buckets full of crabs, then it was time to go back to the tent for tea. We had fish burgers. I liked them a lot. We had a drink of juice.

The next day Adrienne said "We're going back to our house." We were sad that we were going home. After breakfast we went to the beach. We spent most of the day at the river. We dug up some of the sand. It was fun when we went to the next beach. We went even more further than last time we went there. When it was time to go back down the path, when we were close to the end, we let Joe run back to the tent to bring in the washing because it was raining. We drew in our special camping books. When Mum and Dad started to pack up the tents it was raining really hard. We waited in the truck until we were ready to go.

We had lots of wet stuff when we got home. We had to put the tents up to dry.


Paula said...

Wow, Flat Stanley has been busy with you in Toraranui, what a great time he must have had. Did he sleep in the tent with you? Brave Flat Stanley! Thanks for the photos - great to see.

Anonymous said...

WOW, fantastic photos Leigh. When I read your story I just knew that you had had a fantastic time at Totoranui.What long story you have written, It has lots and lots of information in it, well done!

Thank you for shring your FS adventures and thanks for th ephotos!

Mrs G