Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Visit Christchurch

In the first week of the holidays my family and I drove to Christchurch with Flat Stanley and Quade. While we were in Christchurch Flat Stanley and I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast and we cooked crumpets too. Nice breakfastst thet Flat Stanley cooked. We went to the swimming pool. We played mini golf in Christchurch and in Hanmer on the way home. When we were in Hanmer we went on some buggies and got very muddy. We had to wash ourselves in the cold creek. When we got home I made Flat Stanley a bed in a cardboard box and he slept for a day and a night. He was so tired.
By Justin


Moturoa said...

Hi there, Look at your map. You have had someone in Australia look at your map as well. That's very cool. Miss K at Appleby

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin
WOW, what a lot of things you diid wioth Flat Stanely, bet he really enjoyed going to Christchurch with you!
What fun you had in Hanmer. I saw you and Scott on those bikes and you sure were muddy but you were having lots of fun!

I enjoyed reading of your holiday travels and adventures.
Keep up your great writing.

Mrs G