Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Have Fun With Flynn

When I took Flat Stanley and Quade home I played in the pool. Flat Stanley was sitting on the pool step. He didn't want to get wet. I made a chocolate cake with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley and I watched Kangaroo Jack. Flat Stanley and I had a good time on the trampoline. I taught Flat Stanley how to do flips and back flips. Flat Stanley tried to do a flip and he did it very well. Flat Stanley and I wrote some stories. Flat Stanley's story was about him. FS and I were drawing landscapes with my paint set .We painted them on my easel.


Ewok said...

Wow I bet Flat Stanley slept well after his time with you. I wonder why he didn't want to get in the pool? Maybe he can't swim. I bet he enjoyed eating the chocolate cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Flynn
You and Flat Stanely certainly did alot of things together. What an exciting time he had at your house.
I enjoyed reading your story, you have been very busy!

From Mrs G