Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lilli and Joey's Flat Stanley

When I had Joey's Flat Stanley from Canada the first thing I did was take him for a walk and pick some flowers and put them in a vase and put them in my room and then he had a sleep. When he woke up he played with his paper doll and played hide and seek. He was in, and I was the hider. He met my little sister Edie and we went into the garden and planted some plants in my backyard.
By Lilli


Ewok said...

Flat Stanley must have been tired from his trip from Canada. It would be fun playing hide and seek. Did your little sister enjoy playing with Edie?


Anonymous said...

I love reading Flat Stanley books from our school library! Ruby (Appleby)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilli
How amazing, having a Flat Stanley from Canada. How did he get to Brightwater School? Has he been to any other places in th world? Are you going to send him to any other countries?

I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

From Mrs G