Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flat Stanley and Quade Holiday with Todd

Flat Stanley and Quade and I went to Christchurch for Labour Weekend. We stayed at Bella Vista. There was a spa pool but we didn't go in the spa poo because we had to pay to get in the spa pool. On Monday we went to our cousins house. We played on the trampoline. We played cricket. I played on the bikes around the big yard. Then we went baek to the motel. When we got back I had a little sleep with Flat Stanley and Quade. They slept longer than me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd
You and Flat Stanely certainly had a great time in Christchurch at the motel and with your cousins. What a lot of adventures you had.
I enjoyed reading your story.

Mrs G

Paula said...

Wow, Flat Stanley and Quade must have been exhausted from all these activities - he would have enjoyed his big sleep.