Friday, November 17, 2006

Spellathon Prizewinners

Room 4 children won 2 of the three prizes for Spellathon.

Craig won the prize for collecting the most money.

Leigh won a prize for having 23 sponsors.

To date $4300 has been collected.

Well done and thank you to our sponsors.
We also learnt how to spell lots of new words.

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Anonymous said...

Craig and Leigh,
What a FANTASTIC effort. Well done to you both.
23 sponsors is a huge number of sponsors, Leigh, how did you have time to ask so many people to sponsor you?
Craig, $170 was a mighty effort. THANK YOU dfor doing so well with this fundraiser!

Thank you to you both and to everyone else in Room 4 who worked so hard to learn their Spellathon words to support this fundraiser.

Mrs G