Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flat Thomas Visits Daina’s Hous

Last Monday I took Flat Thomas home with me. He played Connect Four and he won five times. Then we were hungry so we had a carrot. Flat Thomas had a wobbly tooth like me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daina
Sounds like you and Flat Stanley had lots of fun at your house. Hope the carrot didn't make your tooth even more wobbly!

From Mrs G

Poole family said...

Hi Daina
We were so pleased to see a photo of you with Flat Stanley and to know that you had such fun together.
Lots of love
Nanny and Grandad

Poole family said...

Sorry Daina
I should have said Flat Thomas.
Love Nanny

Poole family said...

Glad you and flat thomas had a nice time daina...lots of love auntie chelle