Monday, November 06, 2006

Skye's Flat Stanley Goes to Takaka With Caleb

In the weekend I took Skye's Flat Stanley home. We went to Takaka. We all went to Guy Fox. It was a wee while until it started. It was fun because I had to dodge all of the flames that were flying at me. Catilin was playing with her friends that she has over there. Only Nana went white baiting because she puts the makers out and she came from her house in the morning. Grandad and I went scalloping. The first time Catilin said she wanted to come but when we got halfway Catilin was crying. Flat Stanley loved it so did I. We had to go back and drop her off then we had to go back again.Skye's Flat Stanley and I measured the scallops and we dropped them in a bucket. We went in the Campervan with FS. On the way back we had chips and boiled eggs. We had icecream for pudding too. On the way back I was asleep just about the whole time. I rang Mum up and FS told Mum he was having a good time there. FS was sick on the way back. We knew because he told us so we stopped the Camper van. I was a wee bit sick too. Mum didn't come because she needs to do work at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

WOW Caleb, what fun FS had with you at the weekend. I think that it is probably the first time and FS has gone scalloping! Did you get lots of scallops? How long was the longest scallop?
Did you eat the whitbait that Grandma caught? Does FS like whitebait?

I really enjoyed reading about your advetures, great writing

From Mts G

Paula said...

Wow Caleb... You and Flat Stanley have been busy! What a shame I had to work at the hospital, would have enjoyed catching scollops with you. You didn't bring home any white bait - did Flat Stanley eat them all up?


Dazo form Canada said...

Good on ya Caleb for getting out in the boat with Flat Stan. How many scollaps did you get. I hope you gave some to your mum and your teacher. Keep up the good work at school little man!!!