Friday, August 18, 2006

Flat Julia Goes Home With Rosie

Flat Julia went on the swing with me. Charli barked at us. Flat Julia watched Sponge Bob with me and I think Henry watched Sponge Bob too. Flat Julia slept with me in my bed. In the morning Flat Julia had toast like me and Charli. Kim and Henry had Weetbix. Flat Julia got dressed in my bedroom. Grant and Flat Julia and I went to the shop to get some ice cream. Flat Julia helped me do my homework.When we had finished my homework Flat Julia and I helped Kim do some school stuff. Flat Julia and I did not go on the computerr to send a letter to Tara but I hope Mum will let me today.
By Rosie

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Mrs Gulbransen said...

Sounds like Flat Julia had a great time at your house rosie. Which is her favourite ice-cream flavour?
I wonder if flat Julia snored when she slept in bed with you!!

Where is flat Julia goping to next?