Monday, August 21, 2006

Flat Julia 's Weekend with Caitlin

Flat Julia and I read a book and we went down the flying fox. We made another flat Julia and it was called Flat Caitlin and Flat Julia slept on my couch and I put a blanket on her and I showed her to Shutz and Ann. When we had tea she stayed on the couch in the kitchen. She was going to sleep in my bed but I forgot to put her in my bed.
By Caitlin


Poole family said...

Good luck to all the children in the Pirate play. I hope you all really enjoy yourselves. Will Flat Julia be taken to watch you all? I'm sure she would love to see you.
With love from Daina's Nanny and Grandad.

Mrs Gulbransen said...

Hi Caitlyn
Flat Julia certainly had a fun time at your house! What was the title of the book that you read to her?

I wonder where she is off to next!

From Mrs Gulbransen

Julia said...

Flat Julia would have liked it at Caitlin's house. She really likes listening to stories.
My Mum said all the kids at Brightwater did an awesome job in the production. I thought Mum looked funny dressed up as a pirate.

From Julia