Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flat Sarah and Flat Leigh

When Flat Julia was at my house. Sarah and I made Flat Leighs and Flat Sarahs. We had lots of fun making flat people. We took some photos on the trampoline. It was fun bouncing on the tramp, then it was time for Sarah to go home.


Mrs Gulbransen said...

WOW, Sarah and Leigh, you have certainly been busy making your flat friends. Looks like you are having lots of fun with Flat Julia and her friends Flat Sarah and Flat Leigh. I do like your clothes!

Perhaps you could show me your two flat friends at school.

From Mrs Gulbransen

Julia said...

I am pleased that Flat Julia has some new friends to play with. Flat Leigh and Flat Sarah look awesome. I really love the photos you took especially Flat Julia eating the cake.

From Julia

Anonymous said...

We really liked flat Sarah Leigh and Julia. You all made a great job girls. I liked the tartan skirt Julia . Leigh did the same collar on hers as you had on yours Julia.

From Adrienne and Tom (leighs Mum and Dad)