Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flat Julia Visits The Wagners

Last night Flat Julia had a visit at the Wagner house. We got up to lots of different stuff. We watched Sponge Bob Square Pants together with Flat Sarah. When we were watching Sponge Bob Square Pants Flat Julia laughed and Flat Sarah laughed. They laughed because the snail pooed on Sqidword.When we had tea Flat Julia said "I love this tea it is scrumptious." We ate all of our tea so we got to have an icecream. Flat Julia slept on my duchess.
By Sarah


Mrs Gulbransen said...

WOW, sounds like Flat Julia had a great time at the Wagners. Fancy getting ice-cream for tea! What flavour does Flat Julia like the best? What flavour do the Wagner family like the best?
I read that Fkat Julia slept on the duchess. Does she snore?

I wonder where Flat Julia is going to next.

From Mrs Gulbransen

Anonymous said...

The Wagner family enjoyed having Flat Julia to stay. We were a little worried about her though she was very quite and didn't eat a lot. Perhaps she is a little shy. We hope she will come visit us again soon.

From The Wagners

P.S To answer Mrs Gulbransen's questions the Wagner families favourite icecream is Dessertalicious and yes Flat Julia does Snore.