Friday, August 04, 2006

Flat Julia Goes Home With Sophie

I was the lucky one chosen to take Flat Julia home for her very first night in Brightwater. We played on the computer on the Barbie site. We had fish and chips together and today she is going to stay at someone elses house. I wonder whose. We had lots of fun together. I'm sure she had fun too.
By Sophie.


Poole family said...

Hello Daina,

Your new school looks lovely in the pictures.

I hope you have made lots of new friends




Julia said...

Hi Sophie
Thank you for looking after Flat Julia, it sounds like she had a brilliant time at your house.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie
I enjoyed reading about what you did with Flat Julia. Sounds like you two had fun together....tell me, does Flat Julia really like fish and chips?

From Mrs Gulbransen

Anonymous said...
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