Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flat Julia is having a little holiday at Lucy's house. Lucy has been away sick for two days so we hope Flat Julia is not sick as well. I wonder what she is up to.


Mrs Gulbransen said...

Hi Lucy
Hope that Flat Julia has not caught your bugs!
Are you having a nice time with her? What have you been doing?

Julia said...

I hope you are feeling better Lucy. What did Flat Julia do at your house ?

Bye for now

Poole family said...

Hello Daina

Thank for the pictures of your school. It looks very nice.

Debbie is still in China. She is teaching children English at a pre-school so I suppose they are about Harry's age. In the evening she is teaching their teachers English.

She seems to be having a lot of fun just like you are with your friends.

Ben is fine. He still rides his bike to work so he keeps very fit.

Unlcle Paul is fine too. He cut too much off one of my shrubs in the garden the other day so I was not very happy with him.

Have a nice weekend.


Auntie Sue