Monday, August 07, 2006

Flat Julia's Fantastic Weekend

When Julia came to my house we made a chocolate cake. When my friend Sarah was at my house we had fun making the cake. Then Sarah and I went on the trampoline and took a photo with flat Julia.

We took her to Karen's house to see her wedding dress,shoes and jacket. They were pretty. Keri tried some of the shoes that Karen was wearing to the wedding in Ireland.

On Saturday I took Julia to soccer. I took some photos of her on the soccer net.

Flat Julia slept on the shelf in my bedroom.

By Leigh


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic weekend you have had with Flat Julia. She is really special and you are certainly giving her lots of adventures. Where is she going next?

From Mrs Gulbransen

Julia said...

Hi Leigh
It sounds like Flat Julia had a great time at your house in the weekend. I hope she didn't eat too much chocolate cake. Did she watch you play soccer or was someone else playing?
From Julia E