Monday, September 04, 2006

Holiday in Christchurch

Flat Julia came with me to Christchurch.She did not get carsick. She watched DVD's on the way.

On Friday we went to the mall and went to Pumpkin Patch. I got some new jeans and a new white cardigan. After we had been to The Palms Edie had a sleep. Jade and I made a card for Dad.

Jade took Edie and I to the park. Flat Julia came too. We went on the swings with Flat Julia.

On Father's Day we went out for lunch at our Nana's. Our cousins came too. We played houses. Nana has a little pond and we skipped over the square rocks.

On the way home on Sunday afternoon Edie and Flat Julia had a sleep. It had been a busy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lilli and Flat Julia
What a great trip you had to Christchurch. And you did so many things!
I'm glad that Flat Julia had a great time.
Where is she off to next?

Have a good day
From Mrs Gulbransnen

Poole family said...

Hi everyone
iam vere busy at shooi today so i amtired blogg soon love dainaxxxx

Poole family said...

hi sam arr you walkig yet
i bet you give auntie chelle trouble
send me some pictures when you are causing trouble dont touch che3lles piggs or shewill get cross .she does look funny when she is
bye daina xxxx