Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flat Julia Visits Delany's

Flat Julia came to my house last night. We made pancakes with her. She watched Mum flip the pan with the pancakes. I gave Flat Julia some pancakes with golden syrup. She thought they were delicious. She slept on top of my TV.
By Caleb


Anonymous said...

Hi Caleb
WOW, what a lot of fun you and Flat Julia had eating pancakes. You Mum is really clever being able to flip the pancakes with the pan!
I lik epancakes with banana in them and goldren syrup. It isvery yummy, you should try that sometime

From Mrs GUlbransen

Moturoa said...

I like pancakes with bananas too- and maple syrup and a little bit of whipped cream. Now there is a treat! Miss K - Appleby School

Ewok said...

Flat Julia was lucky to try some yummy maple syrup from Canada that Uncle Darren bought us back. She liked that better than golden syrup!