Sunday, August 26, 2007

Room 4 Play The Ukulele

Room 4's podcast page

Give it a listen!

Ukulele Playing

Enjoy! --


Anonymous said...

Very cool ukulele playing but I don't think you should be chucking your teacher overboard!

Miss K

Appleby School

Audreyo said...

I have heard all about your music lessons. It is nice to see you playing an instrument at school. Maybe some of yu will move onto guitar lessons in the future.

Anonymous said...

What great ukulele players!!!!! You should play in front of assembly!

Room 6 Brightwater School said...

Hi room 4. Room 6 is learning to play the ukulele too. We can play am f g7 Karla room 6.

Kath Bee said...

Sounded pretty good to me!! The scream wasn't bad either!! hahaha!

Bernard said...

I hope you guys had great fun playing the ukulele and maybe one day you'll be rock stars. In room 9 we had fun playing the ukulele too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun room 4