Thursday, August 02, 2007


In the weekend I went to the Flat Track. When I got out of the car I got my gear on. When I was going to get my goggles on this boy said "Do you want to have a race?" I said "Yes."
My Dad started up my motorbike. Heard that the boys Dad had started up his motorbike so we got on our motorbikes and lined up. I thought that it was just me and the boy . But it was more than just me and the boy. All of the kids were racing. the boy's dad brought a flag for the starting line. When the boy's dad put the flag up we opened the throttle and we were off. Straight away I got in second place. I stayed in second place for a long time. The boy didn't get the jump. I got the jump. That is why I got in front. I won the race.


Kath Bee said...

Congratulations on your win! Keep it up =)

Room 6 Brightwater School said...

Nice racing from Jake.

Room 6 Brightwater School said...

You look cool. Nick Ross room6